Simple tandori spiced lamb cous cous

It’s spicy, sweet and filling but still pretty damn healthy (If I do say so myself). I’m not publishing recipes as often as I was in winter, the sun comes out and everyone goes crazy, people want to be outside and not inside reading my healthy articles, what gives? 

But yeah, I understand why people are frequenting my site less and it’s completely understandable. Even I’m coming here less, I know I shouldn’t say that, but it’s true. I’m spending less time developing recipes and articles and more time focusing on my coursework, health progress and making some money! Time is free but using it wisely is hard work. Anyway, on to the recipe. 

15 minute Lamb cous-cous

[yumprint-recipe id=’16’]I’ve always been a huge fan of lamb, I know… as someone who is so passionate about animal rights I’m crazy for liking it, right? But for all the good that I do, lamb is a very rare treat and I try my best to source it from the appropriate places (to the demise of the environmental welfare) but something’s gotta give. 

It’s not vegan and it’s certainly not paleo but it’s still relatively low calorie (medium carbs & fat) but it includes all of your food groups and nutrients, so win win!

This lamb couscous is by far my favourite thing to eat, which is why it’s such a rare treat, we might have it once or twice a year. When we do, it is lapped up in minutes! It’s light and flavour full with protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and nutrient dense spices! I’m really in love with natural cooking at the moment so I’ll be sharing more simple recipes that you can do with only 15 minutes!

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