A review of the product, flavour, ingredients, the overall idea.


I want to keep most of the information in the video but a brief highlight is that it’s a citrus flavoured drink infused with collagen. It doesn’t like much, perhaps a mango flavoured squash but for £3.30 a bottle you best drink every drop!

Before & After’s and opinion.


I’ll probably have covered most of this in the videos but I know some of you are readers, I mean you’re on a blog for heaven’s sake. I know you’re not here for the pretty pictures, it must be for the reading!

So here we go;

The Flavour is like a weak mango squash, very sweet and fruity but it definitely feels like a beauty drink, if you know what I mean. There’s no chemical after taste or anything like that but it just doesn’t feel like a drink you’d have with your breakfast. On first sips I thought it tasted like a peach yoghurt but it just didn’t have the texture of a yoghurt so I guess my mind moved on to something else, mango squash!

After Week 1  Once week one was over I was in heaven, my skin really was much clearer but not only that it seemed softer too. Like I had a really good primer on constantly. No rough bits, no peeping pours, just really good skin. 

Week 1 Clear skin - I have makeup on but my skin was still very clear!
Week 1 Clear skin – I have makeup on but my skin was still very clear!

Week 2-4 The next few weeks were brilliant, I barely had to wear any makeup and the little bumps I usually get across my cheeks and forehead were gone too! I missed a day or two for these weeks but it was still pretty regular. On week 2 I had began already cutting out meat products and began to be vegetarian.

By week 3-4 I was starting to run out, I’d missed a few days so on week 3 I had 11 bottles left and decided to drink one every 2-3 days. This is when my skin started having troubles. This could be down to my diet, I’m not sure. I’m lactose intolerant (partially) and this week I began to cut dairy from my diet completely.

Towards the end of week 3-4 I began getting dry patches on my cheeks and forehead and tiny red spots on my lower jaw and chin too! I rarely get spots, as I’ll explain further on so it was strange to have these appear. Definitely worth mentioning!

3 weeks in and my skin is super clear!!


Week 5: last bottle, It was only a months supply so I slightly ran over and at this point I was drinking just one every few days with bad skin. It seemed to get back to ‘normal’ slightly dark circles and red veins on my cheeks again once I had finished the course. 

All of this being said, who knows whether or not it was the product or me drinking plenty of water. Around the start of September I was transitioning into veganism, which meant I was eating more fruit, veg and drinking tonnes of water. I am not saying this drink is a miracle cure and I’m not saying my diet was either, who knows. It just so happens that my skin did clear up. I’d like to say it’s the drink in all honesty, I’ve never had smooth skin, I’ve had spot-free skin for years but smooth skin? Never!

Whether or not I’d buy this again for £100? Remains to be seen, perhaps for a wedding or big event but I’m freelance. I get pennies in my pocket each month, I couldn’t afford to spend even £30 on skincare. Who knows, maybe in the future!




*The skinade sample was my own, it was not sponsored by or collaborated with Skinade at all. All opinions are my own.

Amy-May Hunt

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