I always keep my emails open and my blog receptive to new platforms, now…why am I saying this? 

Well, you lovely lot send in a lot of pins, tweets and Instagram snaps for me to look at and try to develop specific to your diet. I have been getting a fair few generic recipes, for ‘normal’ food aka non-dietary specific so this recipe I’m sharing today should do you normal folk well, I hope! When a message flies into my inbox for an update it always excites me – So when I had an email with a youtube video I thought ‘why not?’.

When a message flies into my inbox for an update it always excites me – So when I had an email with a youtube video I thought ‘why not?’.

I rarely use youtube as a medium to look for recipes, but since changing my own diet recently I have used it more like Pinterest. To find new recipes to share with you, this one was sent in by the creators themselves and I have no qualms in re-sharing it with you. They’re not paying me to do so – It’s just a great recipe and since I had curry myself last night I’m in the curry-sharing mood.

Alright? Ok. Let’s move on.

The Keema Sutra

(How could I not share a video recipe with that title! )

Brought to life by the Keema Nans, Pervin Todiwala and Mamta Gupta, they both share their passion for Indian cooking using their family Keema recipes. The Keema sutra is here to banish boring recipes and inspire families to spice up mealtimes. Keema – the base for many Indian recipes, is a tasty lamb mince version of spag bol.


Keema Nan, Pervin Todiwala, shows us how to cook a wonderfully simple and delicious keema recipe and how to turn it into her family favourite, Keema Pur Eddu.

It’s the perfect solution for family dishes, it’s versatile, adds flavour and is easy to prepare. The Keema Sutra is all about having the confidence to experiment, be a little more open-minded and adventurous and fall in love with lamb all over again. 

Keema Meatball Curry

(I’d not heard of a keema meatball before but it seems so obvious now I’ve seen their recipe! I’m a huge fan of keema, not so much now my diet has change – ha! But Tom still insists on making them when we have a curry at home so to use that same recipe as a meatball opens up a new way of cooking a curry.)

(Sometimes it’s right in front of your face isn’t it?)


Keema Nan, Mamta Gupta, shows us how to turn your simple base keema recipe into Keema Meatball Curry – guaranteed to make the whole family fall in love with …

Simply beef and lamb recommendations:

“To ensure your recipes are a culinary success, remember to look out for a Quality Standard Mark such as the Red Tractor logo in independent butchers and selected supermarkets to guarantee that the lamb is quality assured and responsibility sourced by people dedicated to producing great food.”

For more delicious recipes and great ideas to spice up your mealtimes visit: Simply beef and lamb

I hope these ideas spice up your evening. Curries are a household stapple in my house so they’ve definitely inspired me to try something new. Don’t forget I have my own channel, which will be updated with my new diet plans and advice this week! Let me know, what are your favourite curries to make?

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