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So, Purely Amy’s officially in the process of moving.. It’s been down now for the full 24 hours and it’s killing me, I hate knowing that people can’t find me.. I know it’s silly as I only get a few hundred views a day but.. that means the world to me.

Along with the site being down I’ve had a lot of other stress on, which is why I’m not sleeping; family issues,work, college, finding a volunteer placement, money. You know, the usual! 

Luckily I’ve been working with Holland and Barrett for purelyamy, they’re doing a sleep campaign in march and wanted someone to review the products ( I cheekily asked for a giveaway pack too). So this morning two parcels arrived, they’re just bigger than a shoe box but on closer inspection they have;

  • Herbal sleeping tablets,
  • bath salts,
  • smelling sprays,
  • camomile cocoa & relaxing tablets.

I know, It’s just my luck for it to have come this month, since I’ve not slept in 4 weeks I bloody need it! So the box I’ve got is worth £100, which means my giveaway will be £100 worth of stuff!! I’m so excited as I know that Holland and Barrett don’t normally with bloggers so get a set worth that much? It means a lot to me.

The £100 worth of Holland & Barrett goodies will be open in a giveaway on the 28th of February!

I woke up wanting to sort a valentines recipe whilst the light was still out but couldn’t get to a shop where they sold agave honey and avocados (the recipe is super healthy, check the blog on Wednesday). So I walked in the rain for 45 mins for absolutely nothing, my blog went down, due to moving host and then I had no food in for lunch so had to eat sweet potato chips (they weren’t home made) my stomach was in agony on the night time…

Sleep cocoa at 11.15! Need Sleep.  Must SLEEP.


If you follow me on the blog, you’ll know I’m sensitive to oily foods, foods
with gluten and certain types of processed food. So yeah, I had a pants
day today (Saturday) then I had to attend a family party, not begrudgingly, I love my extended’s just I’m so tired at the moment I couldn’t get up and dance with the kids or really ‘enjoy’ myself.

Anyway, so for the review of the holland and barret sleep campaign I want to Vlog my days on the “sleep month” so I can really get involved in the products ready for the giveaway. If the products interest you, let me know I’ll try and really get into my explanations if I know what you’d like to know more about!
My first vlog since last year, intro to the giveaway {

Every day I’ll Vlog on my channel about the products and how I’ve been getting on.. Sleep well, I hope I will!

Sleep well, I hope I will!
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