Ice Cream Cone Storage.

This is an amazing idea for storage and completely original*, this is cheap an easy tutorial that takes less time then making a REAL ice cream.Fill it with any of your favorite things such as buttons, sweets, pencils.

 *I have searched to find a copy right to no avail… Surely someones made this before?


  • Plastic bottle in any size ( as long as it has a small top and wide middle)
  • Double sided tape ( or heavy glue)
  • Pva glue 
  • Brown paper
  • White paper 
  • Sharp knife or scissor
  • CD/ Plastic you can make into a lid.
  • Cotton wool
  • *sprinkles* can be glitter or finely cut paper.

 Using your sharp knife (or scissors) cut out the top section leaving the lid on, or if you dont have a lid paper over the hole.

With the cone already formed using your heavy duty glue, or double sided tape layer up the paper to cover the cone.
Now to give the cone a more authentic look, rip up square-ish pieces of paper and stick them diagonally up to the lid with pva .

Curl over at least 1″ over the lid, again the paper touching straight onto plastic will need heavy duty glue.

I pasted glue all over the outer paper (the brown crate paper) afterward I’d glued it to create a nice shine similar to an ice cream cone.

Wait for at least 5 hours for all of the glue to dry.

Meanwhile you can take the lid or circular plastic and half cover the base and keep the tape half up all the way around. 

~Scrunch up old bits of paper and cover with one larger piece of paper creating a point at the top and twist to keep it together.
Place it in the center of the lid and push the down, careful not to push the tip down!

 Curl the tape over the paper and completely cover the ‘ice cream’ in white paper and then PVA, you will then need to use your cotton wool, stretch it out and work diagonally up as before.


 Working diagonally will make a spiral shape.Pressing firmly down and using a quick spiral of glue you can then add ‘sprinkles’

  Cut up little bits of paper and paste them onto the cotton, if you saturate the cotton it will look wilted.

Merry Xmas!! 🙂

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