Strength based workouts for the winter Warm up Calender

If you’ve started the winter warm up workouts then this is the guide to you need to know the routine for any of the strength days. I’ve put the day’s next to the titles, just in case you forget you’re on day I’ve included a video option that’s equal to this workout and videos can be easier to follow..

Remember if you don’t feel comfortable in the names and the motion of the moves go to the workout dictionary.There you’ll find exactly what the moves should look like and what parts of the body they’ll work! The calendar is 30 days so you can start it on the 1st of the month or start from the first Monday of January (the 4th)..AND if you want extra help with diet plans pop here:Diet plans explained.

* I personally struggled with these in testing, taking a few breaks when I shouldn’t, but that’s the point, test your limits and know your boundaries.
Remember, if you’re struggling, just pause and take a minute to breathe.
Best of Luck!

Strength (25mins) Day 2 7 12 & 14
All moves are 30 seconds, unless specified. Grab a stopwatch and lets get started.

Let’s start with a classic.

  • Jumping jacks
  • Power squats
  • Quick Lunges
  • Pushup Jacks
    REPEAT x2(5mins in.)

Part 1 (45 Seconds each.)

  • Relay runs
  • High knee hovers
  • Quick Lunges
  • Sprint Drops
  • Tight leg jumps
  • Kickouts

30 Second Break.
(9.5 mins in)

Part 2 ( 30 seconds ea)

  • High Low Runs
  • Wide side jumps
  • Kickouts
  • Burpees

30 Second Break.

(11.5 mins in)Part 1 (45 Seconds each.)

  • Relay runs
  • High knee hovers
  • Quick Lunges
  • Sprint Drops
  • Tight leg jumps
  • Kickouts
Mixed Cardio completed! (25mins)

Strength & Power (30mins) Days 17 21 30

Today’s workout is a little harder, so I’ve included a brand new routine for you, the warm-up is longer and there are more new moves.
Warm up:

(45 Seconds ea)

  • Power Jacks
  • High Knees
  • Power squats
  • Hop Lunges
  • Kickouts
(7.5 mins in.)

Part 1 (1min each.)

  • Alt.Step Lunges
  • Squat Kicks
  • Upper ,Upper,Hook, Hook, Jab
  • Pushup touches
  • Oblique Crunches

30 Second Break.
(13 mins 30 seconds in)

Part 2 ( 30 seconds ea)

  • Alt. Shot/squat Jumps
  • High knee holds
  • Burpees
  • Pushup Jacks

30 Second Break.

(17 mins 30 seconds in)Part 3 Mat Work (Max reppetitions) Should take 5 mins

  • Donkey Kicks R.Leg
  • Glute Holds R.Leg
  • Acute pushup holds
  • Donkey Kicks L.Leg
  • Glute Holds L.Leg
  • Shoulder Presses
  • Extended Tricep dips
  • Rocking Abs
Twice through. Should take 10 mins in total, for both sets.
(27 mins 30 seconds almost over!)

Last round (45 seconds each)
  • Power Squats
  • Lunge pulses
  • Alt.Downward Punches
  • Ab holds
  • Plank Punches
  • Oblique Crunches
(30 mins)
Mixed Cardio completed!Video alternatives:
Cardio/Strength 15mins intense
Strength 25mins 20 mins Strength & fatloss 30 mins


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