Super healthy Lunches: Avacado and and pork quesadillas and tips for using up your leftovers!

~My super duper avocado and pork quesadias, delicious!

These are my carb-fuelled go-to, I know I’m paleo, but on Saturdays and Wednesdays I fuel up with carbohydrates for my hardcore workouts… you know, to sculpt my body. Oh and also, if you love my guides (you best do!) I also have an Instructables account now too.
 Don’t you all get high and mighty about carbs, remember, we need them for long burning energy and carbs can also be healthy, as long as you fill it with veggies and healthy fats, introducing…the quesadillas!

These are great way to use up your left overs and since A.O are doing a bloggers competition running until the end of this I thought, “Booyar why not share my leftovers recipes?” it’s perfect as they’re in-line with the site’s healthy eating, two birds one stone!

Avacado and Sliced Pork Quesadillas recipe

Fill ‘er up:

  • 2 tortilla wraps (Paleo are available)
  • Half an avocado
  • Quarter of a carrot (shredded)
  • Half of a red onion
  • 1 Thick slice of pork or 4 thin slices of ham.
  • 1 cup of mixed peppers
  • Quarter of a cup of shredded cheese (for the non-paleo option)
  • Optional; Chilli Chicken, Sausage


Depending on your individual diets the recipe can change accordingly (see alternative recipes) these wraps can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, including as many ingredients as you want.
At this time I’m in love with avocados so of course I included them and I honestly think it’d be rubbish with o out the avocado.
 So, onto the recipe..
The idea is to layer up your wrap, spread a thin layer of your avocado onto the Base wrap leave a 1cm edge to your wrap..a slightly smaller one if you can. This is where I put Chilli on the avocado, then topped with red onion and grated carrot, then top with grilled peppers and gorgeous sliced Ham sprinkle your cheese around the edge of the wrap so when it cooks it will seal itself locking in all the goodness.

For the Filling     |Serves 2 |197 calories Per Serving
2 tortilla wraps (Paleo are available)    |Half of a red onion

1 cup of mixed peppers                           |1 cup of mixed peppers
Half an avocado                                     |Quarter of a cup of shredded cheese ( non-paleo option)
Quarter of a carrot (shredded)               |1 Thick slice of pork or 4 thin slices of ham.
Great with a side salad ~ Salsa ~ Vegetable Crisps ~ Stuffed with Shredded pork/ Spiced Chicken ~


Heat up your ring pan, dry. Slide your Base layer into the pan and top with your second wrap, put it on a on a high heat and cook for two minutes. 

After two minutes place a larger plate onto of the wraps and flip it over. 
Place it back in the pan and press the edges down so the cheese melts and the quesadilla is encased. 
After cooking leave for 2 minutes to cool slightly. 

Serve warm with a side salad and salsa!This post is promoting using up your left overs, so dive into your fridge and use up those left over dinners, lunches and salad mixes, no holds bared here!

Handy tips for storing your left overs:

  • When cutting up your peppers, if there’s too much for you, cut them up, bag them and freeze them! They defrost perfectly and will stay fresh and reduce food waste!
  • Water based vegetables like courgettes can be cut up and frozen, but store them in smaller batches (they often freeze in a clump otherwise)
  • Avocados can be stored in an air tight container for 6 days in the fridge, so don’t worry about not using it all!
  • Save your Sunday veg; On a Sunday when you’re all sitting down to nap after the marathon of food that’s just been fed to you, why not store the left over veg (excl peas) and use them to make a soup or stew?
  • If you’re keen on your veg, why not make more on a weekend and store them in smaller portioned containers for this week, this encourages you to eat healthier,saves cooking time and will prompt you to save up your leftovers as you’re in the habbit of doing so already.


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