The 80/20 rule: the secret to easy weightloss

Just a quick one from me this week!
Since my revelation on the Paleo diet I stopped working out for four weeks and continued to lose weight (and muscle but that’s fine) So, I thought I’d share with you my findings and well, I found out a lot…

The 80 20 rule is essential in most walks of life for explaining how to achieve ..anything really.

It’s essentially made up of 80% effort and 20% fun = success.

In terms of weight loss the rule is 80% of your effort goes into healthy eating and the rest goes into being active.

 A few people I know work from 80/20 with 20 going on ‘junk food’ this for me seems pointless, you’re purposely taking out time to eat junk food, why bother spending 80% of your time eating healthily? the 20% of junk food would be so negative it negates eating healthily in the first place.

Food in this case is the most important of all, we are all told when we’re  young what foods are the most important for us to eat, so why don’t we just eat healthily all the time? because.. let’s face it, we like a sugar rush. Our bodies love sugar, don’t they? No… our brains like sugar, so it convinces us that it’s going to benefit you, however if you’re trying to lose weight you need to be eating healthy to lose the stored up fat.

So, have a look “What I’ve learnt this year:what is healthy eating”

How do you burn off stored up fat? Either use up the fat stores by reducing your caloric intake (work yours out here) or by burning it off in a workout/active lifestyle.
The most common misconception is that 1500 calories is just 3 meals a day full of ‘energising’ carbohydrates, If you swap them out you’ll save up more calories and still guel yourself with nutrient dense foods!

So to save up your calories in a ‘diet’, the easiest way is by eating less, surely? Not the case. By eating in the 80/20 rule youll be eating more! By eating ‘clean’ and healthy foods that are low in calories, so non of those nasty fats and carbs, you’ll be burning fat in no time.. and to burn it faster, you’ll have all the energy from those great foods to fuel a workout!

The paleo diet has been a saviour for me, it’s main goal is to ‘eat clean’ and the paleo diet puts the rules in place for you..essentially you’re replacing carbohydrates with natural foods..

Example: The classic, Spag bol!
Minced beef, tomatoes, herbs and spices, Spaghetti! 580 calories=400 calories JUST in carbohydrates? No thank you.
With the cleaner eating plan.. you would swap out the carbohydrates and by doing so cut out 400 calories from your meal, which means you can indulge in fruit and nut snacks or your favourite banana ice cream!

So put down the biccies and pick up the veg!
Good luck!

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