The benefits of being positive, Just smile.


We all know that it takes more muscles to frown then to smile, but why does smiling feel so good? What does it do to us? How can it make me slim?

  • Smiling daily reduces stress levels
  • Smiling reduces blood pressure
  • It can improve your outlook from pessimistic to optimistic!
  • A smile helps you to connect with people
  • Smiling releases important hormones like serotonin that can make us feel better

Throughout the day we see many people rushing past us and probably don’t think to give a smile back, but if we all thought about the benefits of smiling, we’d be doing a lot more of it!

Smile for weight loss.

From the list above you can see all of the benefits of smiling, so how can it make you lose weight? By releasing chemicals and hormones your bodies signals become more ‘positive’ thinking, stopping the want of ’emotional’ eating and creating a more diet friendly way of being.
Your body will want to eat healthier without you noticing!
The endorphins act like a sugar-high and stop you needing an unnatural high.

Lose your puffy cheeks.

Smile for a slimmer seflie!

Smiling exercises your face muscles and can help you lose those puffy cheeks. You can just smile by yourself, holding each smile for a few counts and repeating it throughout the day, maybe not whilst you’re at your desk mind you. Not only will this tighten your cheek muscles it will slim them down and make you feel great (feel unique).

And remember whilst your smile’s ultimited and you’re achieving all of this you will also raise your endorphins and feel more confident and positive throughout the day!

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