I don’t think I’ve been this excited in a long time!

..is that completely pathetic?

There was a knock at the door, a parcel for me? I couldn’t remember ordering anything,so I assumed it was for my sister, It was heavy and we all love a mystery present don’t we? So, i opened it up and low and behold it was two brand new copies of the Geek Girl series! The fourth book ” All that glitters” was only released 2 weeks ago so I’m one of the first to have it in their homes.

I’ve not read these before and only heard about the author 3 weeks ago on television, and now I have copies of them in my home! For an avid reader things like this excite me!!


This is some of the information I’ve found on the Geek Girl series from their advertising campaign:
• The No. 1 children’s UK debut of 2013
•  Winner of the teen category of the ‘Waterstones Children’s Books Prize 2014’
• Geek Girl’s Book 1 has now sold over 100, 000 copies while book 2 has almost sold 45, 000 as of May 2014
• GEEK GIRL shortlisted for the RAD DAH FUNN PRIZE 2013
• Geek Girl has a fantastic and engaged following on Facebook – now with more than 13,000 likes!

So I’m going to try best to update you in the progress of the books and then come up with a shimmering (I hope) review for you, so you can have a non-biased opinion. Remember, they’re not paying me for this review.

So THIS will soon by hyperlinked to the upcoming review


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