Today is the day

 I‘m attending with sister, who amazingly had a (gorgeous) baby 2 months ago and still has the energy to shop for 10 hours, my hero.- Taking time to treat yourself is just as important as a healthy diet, healthy in mind healthy in heart.
 Monday night, i made a pot of veggie pasta, packed fruit, sandwiches and 3 bottles of water. Along with my planned outfit (flat shoes and layered clothes).What i wanted to happen, what actually happened.
  • 7am- wake up, have a breakfast get dressed. 7.30
  • 7.30- Leave for my sisters with the suitcase. She Feeds Baby.7.40 
  • 8am-8.30 Makeup and hair. Leave for the bus. 8.45 my makeup took a lot longer then i thought.
  •    8.45-9.10 Get to the train.- Move to new train. 9.00-9.20 
  •   9.55- Arrive at the CLOTHES SHOW LIVE! 10.25 -10.35 Late – the trains were awful
  •  10.15- Check in my coat and other unnecessary items.She feeds baby. Goody bags first. 
  •  First and foremost. — Makeup goodie bag offers!!  Check in bags and go to the loo. 
  • Work around the isles from left- around and back- next isle ect. Or get too excited and look in random patches ( my sister did this) 
  • 12.00    Lunch and feed Baby and chill for 30 mins. 
  •  5.30 – the theatre. We asked for earlier tickets, they swapped them for 3.00 and helped us to our seats, how ever we had young girls swearing loudly behind us and were not to keen on staying for long.
Things Bought:
Goody Bag: Cosmopolitan
·       Price £2 * Rubbish value
·       Products: * £2.50 worth
I bought this last year and was unhappy about this again, every year I expect it to surprise me to no avail.
  • A Cosmo magazine                                           *An Andrex portable loo roll.
  • A mint flavored drink ( Laimon) that was vile,    * 2 millicano coffee sachets
  • Jelly beans,                                                       * a lint chocolate, and a portable loo roll.
Goody Bag: Elle
·        Price £2 *** Good Value
·       Products: ***+ £34 worth
  • St-Tropez Tanning lotion
  • Opi Black Crackle nail varnish
  • Elle Magazine 

 I bought this last year and have loved ‘st-tropez’ gradual tan. OPI- black crackle nail polish I have never liked this polish however the tan makes up for it. The tan online is retailing for £25 and we only paid £2!! Amazing.

Goody Bag: Company
·        Price £2 * Rubbish Value
·        Products * £3.50 worth.
I again bought this last year and was happy with it however you don’t get anything substantial from it.The cereal alone costs £2.60 in stores, so the magazine and cereal makeup for the lack of other interesting things in the bag.
  •  a horrid drink ‘ raspberry and almond’ that literally made me and my sister gag, we drank the Elle mint drink to get rid of the flavour!
  • Another Andrex portable loo roll ( like we needed any of them, let alone 2!)
  •  1 sample of stay matte Rimmel foundation, 
  • 1 sample of max white one toothpaste,
  • 1 Linwoods flax seed powder packet,
  • 1 box of ‘Dorset cereals’ – pineapple and papaya nutritional cereal. 




Company goody bag review.
Goody Bag: So susan.
·      Price: £2 ***+ Great Value.
·      Products: £2 ** £15 worth
This stand was new to me but the offer was £2 so I thought I’d give it a try, we were handed 2 bags with very small items in, just to clutter out luggage even more!The colours are all crap however the products do work and for 50p an item it’s a bargain! The products were:
  •  1 luminiser,
  •  1 eye shadow pallet with awful colours, 
  • 1 lip stain,
  •  1 cheek stain. 


Full product review on so Susan products. 

Goody Bag: Barry M

  • Price: £10 ***+ Great Value
  •  Products: *** £25 worth
I had no choice in the products however I never feel the need to check as every year I’m happy with the offers. This year I came out with: 
  • 2 clear glitters 1 gold, 1 silver,                       * Blue eyeliner, khol pencil – 16
  • 1 white crackle,                                            *2. pink glitter and purple matt eye shadow crayons
  • 1 blue opaque.                                             * 1 3in 1 intense black mascara
  • 1 purple opaque.                                          *2 dazzle dusts. 120- gold. 91- grey.
  • a pink lip gloss.


Full Barry M product review link
Goody Bag: Mint
  • Price: £10 ***+ Great Value
  •  Products ***++ £24 worth
I could choose any 7 polishes out of 5, inside the bag were also a nail circle for polishes; 3 nail files, 1 nail pencil. 1 toe wedge and 2 20% vouchers! Fantastic colours and bonus items including 2 packets of glitter and nail studs.
Mint products review link.
Best ‘till last!
Goody Bag: Subscription to cosmopolitan.
·        Price: £12 ***++  Fantastic Value!

·        Products ***+++ £35, £12, £42 = £89 Worth!!

This I walked past, my sister stopped to look at some women writing names down and passing out 1 magazine, so I sighed and played with James. A few moments later she said, that’s amazing do you want one? I knew it had to be so I had a look and sure enough there were really nice things behind the women, I said ‘ it’ll be £30’ for that bronze box Lou, walk away’. We didn’t. 
We signed up for 1 full year of a magazine of our choice, Elle, cosmos and 2 older women’s magazines. Along with a choice of fake tan or bronze, AND a soft fur bath robe with bath soak, shower wash, foot spa and body lotion. For £12. AMAZING. The gift box didn’t come wrapped but the bronze came with another bag that with a bit of magic, will look amazing.

                            Thoughts on the overall experience:        

Travel to:
The long walk to the clothes show site was long and full of lifts and alternate routes ast empty halls. However this hasn’t changed. The Trains were appalling; no men helped my struggling sister on and off the trains, let alone give up their seat to her! Midlands trains are disgusting and unorganised I was truly disgusted!
The stalls and prices:
The clothes show has also proven to be getting worse each year, the stalls were repetitive and the prices all over priced. Multiple stalls selling the same cheap material dresses for £10,£15 £30!
I found a stall selling items from the pound shop for £5, I found a stall selling versions of AX pairs clothing made from cheap polyester fabric for the 20% of the AX Paris prices! One stall sold the same item I purchased last year, a hair remover, and last year I spent £20 on what I can only describe as an industrial size nail file. These items ripped up the skin of the multiple people who have tried it and I’m very unhappy that they have been allowed back to sell these.
The stall holders were pushy and rude when told ‘ no thank you, sorry I just bought a bronzer’ and insisted on tutting sighing or just grunting as I turn to leave. A few also served girls they had to stretch across to reach as opposed to me standing in front asking politely.
 My sister found them a lot worse then I did as on wanting to have her thick wavy hair straightened to test a product she wanted, she was overlooked and he spoke AT me.  I found this incredibly rude but carried on as he asked me what I would like, ‘ well I want to see my sisters hair straightened if you can, hers is wavy’ – ‘ I do yours and show her on you’ – ‘Yeah but mine is straight, I can see it better on her then too’ – ‘ I can make it curly, they are curlers too!’ – ‘ no no I want it straight today’. My sister having then noticed he is ignoring my prompts on purpose then enquires how much they are ‘ £79”  he says to me, ignoring contact with her- “ oh that is a lot though” – He again ignores her and says ‘ they are great value for money £79 is a bargain’ –
My sister having then noticed he is ignoring my prompts on purpose then enquires how much they are ‘ £79”  he says to me, ignoring contact with her- “ oh that is a lot though” – He again ignores her and says ‘ they are great value for money £79 is a bargain’ – we walked away.
A lot of the prices were reasonable, but rubbish quality, others were completely overpriced but great quality. I need the best of both if I’m paying £30 to get into a market. You’re buying a ticket to a shopping center!! You’re buying a ticket to a shopping center!! Definitely not worth the money.
The staff:
The staff were amazing, we were lost multiple times and were greeted with friendly faces and helpful staff, many of which walking us through the queue to the front of,; the theater to special seating for the pushchair, cutting through toilet cues and opening the disable toilet and re-arranging out tickets to earlier ones!
 Today ( Wednesday the 11th) I have nothing more to say on the clothes show, I only need to say the girls are that attended were mostly under 18 and inappropriately dressed, the clothes on sale were cheap and some of last year stock they’re trying to shift – expensively! Overall my day was a stressful waste of time.


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