As you can probably guess from the tinsel cluttered ceilings, the snow sprayed windows and the sugar infused air…


It’s Christmas! 

Aka, the hardest time of year to stay focused on healthy eating and healthy living. So – that being said.  I wanted to give you my 12 hacks of Christmas, One for every day! In the run-up ,I’m only doing the first 12 days of the 25 as It gives you the last week to focus on you, and just relax. It’s going to be a breeze, let me coach you through your sugar cravings, distract you from the over indulging and guide you if you accidentally eat too many mince pies. I’m going to give you my top 12 tips to having a healthy and easy Christmas so there’s no need to worry before detox season, no diets or quick fixes for you, you’ll be fitter than before the festive season!

The list focuses on healthy-living. Wether it be diet tips, alternative recipes and gifts or resolutions to weight gain over the holidays. I’ve got you covered so just sit back and relax as we go through christmas together.

(healthier gifts,subscription boxes, sports tech)


(Vegetarian, Vegan,Paleo and healthy options!)
(Motivational ideas and advice)
(Motivational and organisational tips for avoiding the January blues!)
(Motivational and organisational tips for beating the Christmas bulge!)
(Tips for de-stressing in the hectic Christmas buzz!)
(Advice for alternative festive treats, need some sugar? Find a swap!)
(Sometimes to move on with your health you need to look back at your past, what unhealthy Christmas traditions did you have?)
(Advice on how to stay positive through all the mayhem and mischief, stay focused and relax!)




(How to stay healthy at the buggiest time of year!)
(An organisational Checklist for healthy ideas and a positive attitude !)

If my list is still missing something… I’ve got a few more things for you here:

Food For Christmas:
Low Sugar, No dairy super tasty. Chocolate Ice cream 
A full list of Paleo Meals for the festive season!
Not so Christmassy but I love pizza and want to share my recipe!Paleo Pizza!
Have a soup; Butternut squash soup should be perfect!

Things to do with the kids:
Make some quick no bake Chocolate crunch cakes!
Use up some wrapping paper and make something new/ Christmas Cards, Gift tags, coasters..
Decorate some jars and add some ‘floating candles’!
Do you have an old juice bottle? Make an ice cream cone
Want some thing educational for the kids? Maths activities!

Helpful hints:
Some advice to help you stay away from sugar this season!
How can working out with a partner strengthen your relationship!

I’m also doing a Christmas image a day on instagram, join me! #Itschristmastime! 


What did you think of my ultimate list? Anything Christmasy and healthy you think I missed?
 Merry Christmas!


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  1. I love Revolution but have never tried the food there before. The deserts look delicious! It’s a shame they forgot some things though x

  2. The apple pie looks great. No mushy peas – really how could they run out of a vegetable and not offer the option of a different veg, and adding more fish on the plate, I like a balanced meal.

    Love the quirky way they have served the cocktails though 🙂

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