I’m training for the marathon. I’ve decided. 

After the amazing turn out (38000 runners) in the London marathon on the 28th of April, I was inspired to join up. 
Why not? I Love running, I run a few times a week, I’d like to sign up to it for 2016, so that’s what I’ll do.Ever since I can remember I have always had a fascination with the marathon, people paying to get crammed into a relatively small street to run for a ridiculous amount of time. We’d have breakfast and they were running, we’d have lunch and they were still running, as a child it seemed supernatural

A feat of human engineering, I think that’s why I’m so passionate about wanting to do it, I’m too stubborn, I love a challenge and I know that If I can have the strength to complete it, I can have the strength to do anything.

I’m currently signed up to the September 8 mile run and the October half marathon in Birmingham, who knows how well I’ll do, but at least I’m trying.At the moment I’m currently running 18 miles a week ( I started off at 10.3, then 12.6 and now 18 miles!) So more training is definitely needed to compete with the best runners in the country for next year.

I will gradually increase my  #runforfun jogs up to 28 miles a week by next week, as follows:

  • Monday 2 sessions of 2 miles 
  • Tuesday 2 sessions of 2 miles 
  • Wednesday 1 session of 4 miles 
  • Thursday Strength training (recovery) 
  • Friday 1 session of 6 miles 
  • Saturday 1 session of 2 miles and Strength training 
  • Sunday 8 miles. 

My training will no doubt evolve, so make sure you keep up with me on #Runforfun
where I Vlog my weekly training sessions.


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..