Don’t panic, this is probably the more popular category you’re going to find in the results. Who doesn’t love sugar? Whilst you’re probably thinking “I don’t have that much sugar” you’d be surprised how much secret sugar there is in foods, fruits, veggies and ready meals are jam-packed with the stuff.
So, what can you do about it? Well..

The introduction

We can swap out a few lunchtime snacks and introduce new things into our diet on the short term, why not try the long term? It’s more effective in sticking with you if you Introduce these foods into your regular routine.
Nuts: Eating more fats in your diet, surprisingly, can reduce your cravings for sugar! The chemical reaction and satiating feeling of eating fatty foods can really benefit a long day at work and reaching for the biscuit tin. So go grab some nuts!
Carbohydrates: Much like eating fats, there’s a reaction inside the body that converts the carbohydrates to sugar, so eating a diet rich with healthy fats and a moderate amount of carbohydrate should kill those pesky cravings! 

Eggs: People are more productive and focused if they eat an egg a day (though you can also eat nuts, flax and chia for the same benefits and less ‘unhealthy’ heart-harming fats. Eggs are filled with fats that keep the brain alert for hours, you only need one and that’s your morning sorted. Eggie Ideas.

Dark chocolate: We all know you’ll be picking this one to start your transformation.The chemicals in dark chocolate give you a ‘fix’ and tell your brain you’ve had the best thing you’ve ever tasted, leaving no room for your biscuit tin to be opened. You can buy cheap dark chocolate as long as it’s at least 65% cocoa then it’s enough, The problem with this one is that you’ll have to portion yourself. I keep mine in my fruit and nut jar so I know “eat it carefully” and I have a handful of nuts to portion it out.

Veggies: Oh no, I said it, everyone knows that veggies are good for us but we probably don’t eat enough.
Fruity people, yourself included, will LOATHE veggies, except for the occasional sweetpea, corn, broccoli, carrots and anything else that’s sugary. Yeah, I said sugary. Vegetables have sugar in too!

For people who’re not too keen on ‘savoury’ vegetables this one really is a hard one to push but I can’t stress enough how important vegetables are for you, not because they’re “healthy” but because they fill you up. Leaving the doors firmly shut on your snacking habits.
You can eat a plate of vegetables and be full (90 calories) or eat one piece of fruit and be hungry (90 calories/banana). Which would you choose? I prefer being full.

I’m not saying ONLY eat them, but include them as a side-dish maybe? There are tonnes of tasty things you can do with veggies. Courgette Crisps, Peppered broccoli with beef strips, Roasted sweet potato and just salt and pepper. Click ME for ideas.

Remember not all fats were created equal.Fruit, Basket, Banana, Apple,

Fruit lovers

As someone who loves fruit, which is great by the way, I’d recommend portioning out a ‘reasonable about of fruit’ a day to make sure you’re not overindulging in the ‘sweet’ stuff.

Did you know? There’s 2 teaspoons of sugar in a peach and 3 in a banana!

But, Whoa whoa, that doesn’t mean you should quit them..

Fruits have vital nutrients and fibre (which is why you want to keep them whole) that should keep you fuller for longer, however the sugar sends messages to your brain saying how good the sugar yep. You’ll want more!

Fruit prep: Select 2 pieces of fruit a day, preferably fibrous or filling fruits; Bananas, Apples, Plums as they’re lower in sugar and higher in fibre. Steer clear of citrus and watery fruits; Melons, strawberries, grapes, oranges.

Snacking prep: You might still be in the habit of ‘grazing’ and snack you can’t just stop this habit dead in it’s tracks but you can replace it with nuts or vegetables to snack on throughout the day; carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, courgette crisps are my personal favourite) then try mixing things up with snacking nuts; the best good fat nuts are almonds, cashews and walnuts as they’re lower in fat and high in the good chemicals!

Did you know? Nuts have chemicals in that stop cravings of chocolate, meat and fats?

The most important thing is that sugar is addictive, whether we like that fact or not, sometimes we can’t pull ourselves away from it, but.. there are several things we can do to ‘take our minds off of it’. Whilst you’re reducing your sugar intake from regular foods you should not remove it completely, as I said earlier, it’s great for all of the bodies functions, most importantly the brain. So stay focused and make some swaps!

Now you understand your habit, let’s put a diet plan into place. Oh and of course, if you appreciate the advice you can leave a tip or like us on facebook!




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