The small spaces workout. 5 Exercises to do in small spaces(caravans)

This is a pre-post! I’m sharing with you 5 fat-blasting activities to do when you’re in exercise hell. With Lack of space nowhere to swing your legs, let alone do jumping kicks

Whilst I had found my vice in stopping snacking, I still had eaten the family cooked breakfast and burnt of next to no calories from the lack of movement in the 30ft caravan overlooking the valley in the pouring rain.( The caravans shower had leaked and the floor had become sodden).

We couldn’t jump,run or do any sort of cardio,
Indoors: too noisy and the caravan was too fragile for that
Outdoors: the surfaces were mud or slippery wood decking (decking installers here) from the heavy rain and woodland moss on it.
We couldn’t do pushups or any floor based activities

Indoors: the floor was wet!
Outdoors:again, the floor was wet and muddy.

But alas, I found ways around it, I’m good like that you see.
My 5 Exercises to do are:

Cardio-Fast feet.
If you have space cardio is always best so some form of jogging or ‘fast feet’ will be the best way, get your arms moving to burn more calories. Since you need little to no space this shouldn’t be a problem.
I eventually put a cushion on the floor so it didn’t rock the caravan or create too much noise.
They’re a full body burner, engaging the core, legs, arms and back so will burn calories without too much noise or space.They are more a strength move so will burn less caloreis then a cardio move but are really effective for feel good factor.
I put a waterproof coat on the floor, as a makeshift yoga mat.
I’ve said it before, they will always make the cut, there’s nothing these bad boys can’t do, except for give you a better chest.
No space needed, just wider than shoulder width stance is all the space you need.
Whilst you may not have space for Big kick outs, you can plan your kicks to the space you have and put power and pace into them. The more powerful and the faster your kicks the more fat you will burn. Keeping your heart rate up with your punches should burn around 200 calories within 20 minutes.
Plank work.
This is a body space workout, so all you need is enough space to lie down.
Plank runs: Start in plank position and pick your knees up to your abs whilst tightening your core, do this in a fast motion for 30 seconds.
Plank oblique crunches: From plank position, lift your knee to your left elbow, squeeze your obliques and repeat on both sides
Shoulder press: In plank position bring your feet in to downward dog and bend your elbows to create a pushup motion.
Lack of space, Lack of flat surface and lack of health food was the worst, but hopefully you’ll have these to help you out.

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