Since my amazing revelation of finding Paleo, I’ve asked tonnes of questions and I’ve had a lot of amazing answers. I’ve been on this diet since the start of June (so by now it’ll be a month) and have loved every second of it. Click here for the first week of paleo, my thoughts..feelings,cravings and my food diary :)The learning curve I’ve had on this diet has been amazing and experimental; what is great to eat, what tastes great with what and why I can’t eat that, has been great so I’m sharing with you some things I’ve learnt along the way…

    • You’ll be surprised at how easy it is and everyone will say how ‘strong’ you must be to cut our refined sugars and processed foods, Just go along with it “Oh erm..yeah, It’s super hard, I’m so brave”.
    • It’s shockingly easy to cut out your favourite carbohydrates, seriously.. cookies, pasta, honestly won’t notice they’re gone.
    • Eating vegetables is actually enjoyable , there are thousands of different tasty vegetable recipes who knew?
    • There’s a whole cookbook dedicated to adding coconut instead of flour and cream.Coconut flour features heavily in desserts and sweet treats as an alternative to flour.
    • Eating pancakes is a popular healthy breakfast!
    • You’ll get through eggs faster then Taylor swift gets through men, but who cares, they’re gorgeous, both of them!
    • Cauliflower will be your new best friend, and you won’t care about your sordid past.


  • You don’t really need to change your shopping list.Just add more vegetables and meat, you can’t go wrong.
  • You’ll be hooked after the first week.
  • Even if you mess up and eat something rubbish, you won’t feel bad because you know how healthy your whole week’s been!
  • You’ll be part of a new community of people (who give you tasty recipes!)
  • This Paleo Recipe finder is a godsend.Cons
  • It’s kinda pricey, depending on how extravagant you want your meals to be, you’ll be adding coconut flour and almonds and dried fruits left right and centre, they add up.
  • Your farts will be mega intense.
  • It’s all you’ll talk about for the first few weeks (You might lose a few friends)
  • It completely cuts out any food you haven’t made yourself, shops don’t sell cooked meats and veggies, they’re all carbs! – You’ll notice how no shops sell ‘ready to eat’ foods that are healthy. It’s such a rip off!
For me personally, It was mostly about reducing my body fat, as this time of year it’s hard to workout with asthma and hayfever battling against me. So I reduce my fat and up my strength exercises and I always lose more weight then in the HIIT winter workouts.I have loved every second of being paleo and will continue with it for the for seeable future, possibly not as strict as I have been, maybe just 6 days a week or whenever I fancy a slice of freshly baked bread. We’ll see.. ( I immediately ruined this diet once I wrote this post) I usually eat paleo until dinner, then I get a bit crazy and eat biscuits and naughty foods.

I’m just happy that I’ve had the commitment to stick with this diet for as long as I have, I normally give up after a few days but the rewards I have gotten from starting this new eating plan have massively outweighed my want for jam on toast.


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..