I’ve had one of those weeks, just stupid emails flooding in and not using my time wisely. I’ve been a bit flustered you could say.. So I decided to sort out a list, a list of things I apologise for WAY to often and a list of things I have to stop saying I’m sorry for!

My diet – I apologise way too frequently about the way I eat. Why? Would I apologise for my hair colour or for the way I dress? No! So why do I feel like I need to apologise for my digestion problems! Just recently I was accepted at a BBQ and people understood… my health has to come first, but why has it taken until now?

My love of fitness – This one goes hand-in-hand with my diet. I love eating new foods, trying new workouts because it’s my passion. Would I say you’re obsessed with papercraft? No. Please don’t tell me I’m obsessed with fitness, running, swimming and dancing are all something I enjoy so- sod off.

Being a crank– we have periods, we get cranky. Yes, we do take it out on those around us but..get used to it. We’re in pain, just give us chocolate and take a step back.

My age – I think people read my main blog and think I’m in my 30’s. The same as going to job interviews, people read my CV and upon meeting me ask my age. My age has nothing to do with my ability to A.Write like a boss or B. Teach children (which I’m qualified to do).

Oh god I’m cool. Beer mat pyramid!

My sense of humour – It’s harsh and sometimes really out of place, but when I get you.. I get you good! Sometimes I feel like being a funny woman makes people think I’m less smart? Which leads me on to..

Being smart – Ugh yes! I am smart. I think because people around me see me as a small funny woman, they underestimate my strength and my intelligence (yes, you can have both) and it might be bold to announce that I’m smart but hell, who cares? If anything I do hide the fact I’m smart and let people believe what they want.It really opens the floor in your work life letting you work your way up the ladder. So, I use that to my advantage.

Sex – I’m one of those people that believe that sex is something to be proud of, I don’t mean throw yourself around like a frisbee…
but I do mean, if you’re with someone who you love and connect with then sex should be something you should feel confident to talk about. Most importantly with your partner, I’m not going to apologise for bragging how in love I am. As you know, love is a hard thing to find and sometimes it’s hard to hold on to, I want to tell the world how happy I am and be proud of my relationship enough to share with friends and even family (I’m talking close sisters here, nothing creepy).

Being honest – I love that about me, it gets me in hot water at times but I try my best to be honest…which leads me to my next points..


What should I apologise for? We have those moments where you want to say sorry but it’s either too late or it’s just a weird awkward thing to apologise for. Did I just eat the last biscuit? I did didn’t I? Should I leave a note..or just pretend it was the cat?

Things I will/should apologise for;

For complaining – a lot. I know I do it, I find that if you don’t answer my question properly I’ll become ridiculously annoyed and go on for 5 minutes on how I expect you to answer. When asking for an opinion…”I don’t know – what do you want?” doesn’t cut it for me!

Spoiling programmes and Movies – Sorry Tom!
I grew up watching a tonne of detective movies and reading all of the PD James and Lee child books I could grab. I notice the smallest details and understand that certain scenes means ‘he’s the next one to die’ or ‘Her skirt’s different – they’re going to recast her next episode’… It’s pretty much bound in stone if I’ve said it. Which makes watching a movie utterly crap. I want to share my ‘psychic abilities’ (ha!) but at the same time I don’t want to ruin it for everyone in the room. *sigh*

If you rush past me and knock me – Because I’m British and I enjoy apologising for other people’s rudeness.

Running a health blog– and paying absolutely zero attention on my own health because sometimes sharing my passion for fitness comes before my actual love of it.

Embarrassing Tom in Asda – (other supermarkets are available). Who doesn’t love a game of Dance like no one’s watching?! Tom. Tom doesn’t like that game, especially when you’re singing along to Mariah Carey in the fruit and veg section, he really hates that.

Walking in front of the tv – Like you can’t wait 1 second to for my teeny-tiny be-hind to move out of the way of the screen. I still say sorry though because.. it’s polite.. I guess?

Being late – God, I’m always late. Even writing this now, I should have written it 24 hours earlier. Oops. Sorry!
So those are my little quirks, Aka I’m annoying as hell.. what are yours? Do you have anything you say sorry for that you shouldn’t?



Amy-May Hunt

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  1. What a great idea – I’d be very interested in finding out how you solve the cheese situation as I’m not a cheese lover. No judging at all on the use of packet mixes – I find Mexican packet mixes are about the most authentic out of other pre-prepared food x

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