So, I’m doing so personal sharing and advice, I’ll be sharing my weekly routine and giving you some tips and tricks that you can put into place to make you feel healthier and keep more focused on your goals.

This week I’ve spent a lot of time just..talking to people. Some of them were family members who need to de-stress, they’re struggling with their food and finding time to fit in their exercise. I’ve had a few messages from some teenagers who spoke to me through my facebook page, they’re girls who’re worried they don’t know how to eat and what to eat.

It got me thinking, what do I do?..what keeps me focused? and, how can I share these bits of information with you in a nice easy and breezy way. A list! Gotta love a list, when you’re as focused as I am in achieving your goals you won’t get anywhere without a list. You’ll often see lists like this:

  • Drink water before you wake up.
  • Have your goals in mind.
  • Think positively..etc etc and blah blah blah. 

My list is a bit more personalised, (and much better) it works for me and I’m certain it’ll work for you! So firstly.

My routine

Ya’ll know I love a long post, I just like getting all my head-words out and letting you know everything I’ve done during the week..

So, I wake up. Around 9-9.30.
I roll out of bed and look at my self in my floor length mirror, I check to see if I look swollen or tired (it tells me if I’m dehydrated if my stomach bloats) or whether I’ve eaten something my body doesn’t like.. apples, gluten or maybe something I didn’t realise I’d eaten. I have a few intolerances so some days I’m swollen. (Read about my addiction to weighing-this is why I don’t weigh myself anymore!)
I then pop down stairs for a morning milky coffee and two sugars and some breakfast.I’ll either have two eggs, coffee and a banana or Rice, fruit mix with soaked prunes or even just two bananas!

Then my workout starts.
I generally try to fit a quick workout in every day but sometimes I’ll just do 4 a week.I’ll do a 15-30 minute cardio strength workout by fitness blender or insanity, I watch myself as a I workout, to check form and if I’m honest? I like to see if my body looks any different, whether I have new saggy bits or toned areas.

After my workout I’ll hop back on the site and do some research or networking until 2pm, where I grab another coffee and hot meal, normally just a sweet potato or possibly a bacon salad.
At 3pm depending on how I feel, I’ll either do a quick ab or butt workout or hop in the shower.

After that it’s all relax time, I stay focused on my healthy eating but most often I eat biscuits and pies for dinner (I’m not on a diet- no restrictions for meAs you can see most of my day is sitting down at the laptop, So being sedentary doesn’t mean being lazy or fat, it’s just prioritising when you move and how you move.

So what do I recommend you do to stay focused?’s the list.

Each night plan your meals

This one is my important one. So many times do I go to sort out dinner but either don’t know what to eat so make crap food or I realise the things I really want aren’t in! Yes, I know when you’re drifting off you’re normally thinking about work, the kids, getting the washing done etc etc..
But, This is time for you, sleeping is the time that relaxes and repairs your body so why not spend the last few minutes organising how you’ll improve and make progress.
What diet are you following? Do you have the foods required in the house already or do you need to pop to the shops? Do you have any free time to batch-cook some healthy meals? Like a massive lasagne.

Look at yourself

I mean, really look. Don’t just glance at yourself.
Spend a good minute a day looking at yourself. This can be hard when you’re starting off as you might not like your body, it might even bring you to tears (I’ve been there..) but this is you! It’s who you are, don’t you want to be your best self?

Take time to notice your body, imperfections and your highlights, especially your highlights.
Are you swollen? Do your calves look better then normal? or Have you put on weight? Why do you think that is? Make a mini-mental note of what you think could be the reason for changes in your body and make sure you improve on them for today.

Afterall today is a new day & everyday is a day for change.

Never promise to make up for something…

because you won’t.
You’re banking on things you’ll never want to pay off. Think about it, you can eat a donught now but you’ll be asked to run for an hour tomoorow. Would you?
Would you get up and run? I know I wouldn’t! I’d much rather keep active and eat somewhat healthily food and not have to exercise. All my exercise is going into my ‘savings’ and boy am I getting rich with all the exercise i’ve done with week..i’m saving them up for my beach body..slowly cashing out my mega bucks when I need to.

Eating unhealthy is getting yourself in debt with obesity. I don’t mean that to sound so strong but the more sharp I am the more it makes you think about the choices you’re making, right?
Never be ashamed of your body, it’s the reason to motivate you.

Get Sloshed

I definitely don’t follow this one as much as I should, but it’s the golden rule. Water is such a major part of the body from organ functions to boosting metabolic rate, water is the golden ticket. I don’t want to drag on too much with this as you should all know about it, but if you don’t..go here.

Check ya self – before ya wreck ya self

I’m so punny. But seriously,
check what you’re doing with your time before the time slips and you’ve ruined your hard work. I try to tell myself “Do I need to do XYZ” or could I be doing something more productive for my health?
I don’t necessarily mean getting up off the computer and running around the house but for me, I know that Ill spend hours grazing on facebook and not have done anything I need to
I.E coursework or blog posts or cook food. So I’ve started to set timers If I’ve been sitting down for over 3 hours I’ll warm up my muscles and dance for 5 miutes.

I cheat-eat
I know, I’ve said in the past I hate cheat days, but this isn’t a day. This is just my habit.
Instead of eating a takeaway ( my family eat them regularly so I constantly have the smell of them in the house) It’s not like I regularly cravve them, it’s just me being jealous of ‘what they’ve got ‘ , I’ll sneak a few tablespoons of the sauce onto my plate so I get the flavours but also get all the veggie goodness.

I had cabbage roll burriot last night with a tablespoon of biriani sauce – heavenly!

Don’t find time, make it

Whether with your healthy eating regime or your new ‘be active’ one. Finding time is never easy, but making it should be top of your list. It doesn’t need to be an hour out of your day, it means getting up 5 minutes early, that few minutes give you time to plan what you’re going to do about your health.
Are you going to pop on your way to work for some fresh fruit?
Do you have time for a quick run before or after work?
Do you have time to cook a healthy meal?
And things as simple as doing some yoga stretches before bed or skipping that last coffee, all of these things add up. Make time to help yourself and if you can’t? Do some exercises at work.

See? How hard is that?
My list for you is probably much shorter than it should be, but these are just the fundamentals, once you start really wanting a better you, they’ll become second nature and you’ll eventually find your own way of staying healthy.

Sorry! Long post again, I can’t help myself..
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Stay strong,


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