I’m pretty sure I found it (the grey hair) a while ago in all honesty, but I pulled it out and it never came back. Until now…

This is more of a jokey post, I’m rarely serious..unless it’s on my main channel. Then you can listen to me..I take that shiz very seriously.. but this is at the end of a long week and on a lazy friday evening so here is an ode to my grey hair.

Oh little grey hair, you shine so bright,
In my darkest of hairs, you are the one I won’t fight.
Some may hate you, but I certainly do not..
For it’s the only one one that I’ve got!

Just one, standing by yourself,
You’re wirey and strong and unlike the rest..
Want to know a secret?
That’s why I love you best!

I love that you’re by yourself, standing up for old age,
Am I mature for having you? Well, that’s how I feel..
All grown up and cooking healthy meals,
Look at me mum, I’ve got a grey hair!
I will not dye you, or hide you.. for I do not care,
I actually really like you, look at you all bold..
I know we’ll fall out, as you’ll take over when I’m old.
But that’s alright, we’ll learn to find love..
Maybe grey will suit me,
Maybe it’ll be my rise.
Give me confidence in my age,
or..maybe it’ll just make me look wise.


– What’d you reckon, 5 minutes and not a glass of wine insight. I’m a pretty damn good poet, right? ha! I have written a few pieces on the main site, normally humorous, but if you want to see them pop here.

Are you still reading in rhymes?

I find that when I read a poem it takes ages to get back into the flow of normal writing. Sorry. Along with finding a grey hair I’ve also gotten back into some sort of routine for healthy eating and working out, I managed to make time for four 20 minute workouts this week!

This week I: Finished a giveaway, Received two jars of honey, Made gluten free a pizza, but it was more than just that.. it was amazing (not to gloat).Sweet potato pizza crust

What ever you’re doing tonight.. I’d love to hear some of your grey hair stories or even poems! (that’d be awesome!)

Have a great week, what ever you get up to!


Amy-May Hunt

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