Stuff that happened this week…Pictures are worth 1000 words.

My new thing is ’round up’ posts, since I’m new to sharing my personal life with you, I’m going to ease myself into it. Let me know if I did a good job, I know I definitely should have taken more pictures but I didn’t think about it until Wednesday and It was a bit late at that point..

People say I have a flare for the dramatic, well..let’s see shall we, this is what my week provided me with;

Found some vegan food I actually enjoy, Naked Mint nibbles, Chocolate and coconut bar…

Set up a giveaway within 5 hours including a post to go with it & Uploaded two videos, one rubbish & then a great quality one.

I found a hair in my fig! Whilst trying to eating Paleo (no gluten, no processed foods) Tom ate his KFC in front of me!

Broke up a fight between two 8-year-olds in a computer suite.

Heard a child mumble a song about murdering his own parents.

Watched 4 hours worth of “Britains Queens” documentaries on Netflix.

Heard a child call a teacher “that stupid woman”.

Renamed this blog & updated the template from “not on the blog”

walked for an hour and a half in one day. (Goal achieved)

Saved this ladybird from living it’s life in Tom’s kitchen.


Watched 7 hours worth of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. No spoilers!

Was referred to get ‘counselling’ for my anxiety and panic attacks*

Laughed at the instructions Tom’s mum gave him once she’d left for her holiday. 24-year-old man can’t wash his own clothes..

Whites & Colours 180. Water plants in green house Keep tomatos watered Check emails for Next delivery

Managed to write 12,000 words in 24 hours, update two templates. Fit in an hour long workout, cook two meals and put the washing out #superhuman.


3 hours worth of exercise over the week. 2 Cocktails consumed. 1 dinner with chips.

*My panic attacks can last for hours, increasing my heart rate and reducing my oxygen saturation..making me struggle to take deep breaths I end up ‘bruising my lungs’ and I struggle. Will write more about this..
I feel like all in all I had a pretty ‘random’ week, a lot of animals seemed to appear in the house. Bugs; beetles, bee’s, ladybirds, spiders. I saw a heron this week in my pond too.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you, since it’s my first-time ‘lifestyle’ blogging, I hope it wasn’t a bore!


Amy-May Hunt

Pop a comment, let me know what you think..