This is just a few snippets of my food update I did for Ellen’s blog at “Eat with Ellen“..feel free to check out the full article here.
Every year I do this, every year I surprise myself with the new things I’ve learnt and how I was so stupid for not realising sooner..

In terms of my weight, it’s really been an uphill battle for most of my life, until Paleo..but I’ll get onto that later. The past year has been amazing for me, I understood what it is to workout and eat right and I mean workout to the point of feeling the benefits…not just feeling like its the right thing to do.

This year I’ve learnt that a ‘workout’ should;

  • Tire you out but not exhaust you.
  • Last as long as you need it to, for your body, you’ll learn that this can vary from day to day.
  • Be new and exciting.
  • Be a release and not a chore.
  • Fit into the lifestyle you need, not be rushed.
  • Be something you do for yourself and not for a social interaction.
  • Be the second part of your healthy lifestyle.
    The most important lesson this year has been that it should fit around you and that it should be the second part of your overall healthy lifestyle.


Firstly let’s talk about it fitting around me..over this year I had been forcing myself to workout for an hour every single day and I’d suffer throughout the rest of the day, so I’d

binge eat and re-fuel, obviously it stopped me from losing weight, or losing very little weight.

This year I’ve learnt that ‘healthy eating‘ is;
  • Not a trend..
  • Not a ‘diet’ and not something you can buy.
  • Something that you have to really want to do
  • A routine specifically designed for you.

Now, the past few months I’ve been extremely busy and I’ve been fitting in 20 minute workouts throughout my week, I’ve lost the most weight in the shortest amount of time? How? Because I used my first pearl of wisdom..

I used to fill up on protein/inedible foods and snack!


“Pearl of Wisdom #1: You’ll all have heard this a thousand times: “A healthy lifestyle is 80% healthy eating and 20% active living”. I’m not one for agreeing with, well, anything really, very argumentative and set in my own ways, but this little piece of wonder-dust… Oh my god they got it right!”
…..I missed it though my HIIT workouts are the best part of my day, but it made me realise eating healthily was definitely the key and ‘eating healthy’ is different for everyone.”
So, What is ‘Eating healthily’?
It’s about cutting out foods that the body doesn’t like, doesn’t need and probably shouldn’t have. I have reduced carbs. I will never say ‘cut out’ because it’s an impossible feat, whether that’s because I’m drooling over that pizza slice my ever-so-loving partner has left or just because carbs are everywhere, it’s really impossible to cut them out completely (for me).
There are plenty of new and creative diet plans you can start but remember, your diet is part of who you are, don’t start something you know you won’t be able to achieve, that’s where you fail and failing isn’t an option in your health, make baby steps and small changes.
So, yes. I’m on a ‘diet’, but that’s because the word diet means “what you eat” – not the meaning that it has come to be “restricted foods to make me lose weight”. We are bombarded in the media to be on certain diets, but you in yourself know what’s good for you to eat, and if you don’t? Then that’s my job to teach you!”
Now I eat tasty meals that fill me up! (Cauli rice and spicy chiken)
Pearl of wisdom #2: With your eating plan, follow the same rules as I have. Note down when you feel rubbish and eventually you’ll work out what foods are a no-no and what foods you should reduce. Be as strict as you want to be but remember a healthy body is a happy one. Punishing yourself will get you nowhere. Positivity will get you to where you want to be.
That being said you’ll be eating foods that are good for you, which means you’ll be getting the odd eye from friends, family and strangers, ignore them, do the best for you.
 Pearl of wisdom #3 I have to repeatedly tell myself, “do I need this?”, “will this get me closer to my goals or further away?”, whilst I’m reaching over the counter for my chocolate hobnobs. I really do think it helps.
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