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Today we’re not doing the story addition, since one was already posted on Tuesday’s Tutorials,but we are doing Cooking ideas and Create your owns.

How To Create a Fake Bruise:
This is sort of a makeup tutorial, but i suppose for the halloween and fancy dress times of year similar too the “How to create a cut” on Tutorial Tuesday of This week..

What you’ll need:

Fake Bruise
Face powder ( for mistakes)
Black Eyeshadow or powder
Purple Eyeshadow or powder
Yellow Eyeshadow or powder

To create a fake bruise

  1. Put on your face powder to where you’d like the bruise and 1inch around the area to make it easier to wipe off it you make mistakes on your skin. 
  2. Loosely and sparingly place random dots of black shadow and blur away, almost like a shadow.
  3. Opposite the black marks lightly place yellow powder.
  4. Inbetween the yellow powder and the black powder place your purple colour.
  5. Blend all the colours so there are no visible lines of each colour.
  6. be creative, splash the left over fake blood with a toothbrush around your cut.
  7. Optional – create a fake bullet near your bruise. (follow bullet hole tutorial.)
  8. Nowspray with hairsray to keep in place for upto 5 hours.

excuse my unshaved legs =/ eep.

    Song Of The Day:
    check song of the week and month.


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