So you started a blog. It’s all new, sparkly and your hopes of becoming the next Fitcetera or don’tcrampmystyle are higher than everest. In my opinion of the blogging world, (they get shit done basically)….

but what are good habits and bad habits for new bloggers?

Speaking from experience, the bad kind of experience, I feel I have a grasp on things you should definitely not do when starting a blog. Often people who want to start a blog don’t know where to start and soon realise it’s a lot harder than they had first thought.

What do you want to do?

Instead of thinking about how famous you’ll be, your first thought should be, why do I need a blog?
Do you have an amazing idea? gift or talent or do you just love to write? You need an idea to get you out of the door, Grab a note pad and pen;
Write your ideas up and compile a list of articles you could write about, 10 to get you started.Then find a cute name and perhaps a few scribbles of a logo. Find out what you need to have a blog;

  • A brand name
  • A brand image, Theme; health, fitness, food, Parent blogger, Travel blogger etc.
  • A webhost
  • A domain name
  • A dedicated set of social media accounts; twitter, pinterest, (all with the same url “Purelyamy” is better than “Purelyamy_blog & Purelyamy”)

Not everyone needs a blog but sometimes we need a platform. Think of other platforms that may make a better alternative, whether they be twitter, youtube or Goodreads you’ll find your own space.

Be my friend – not my lecturer

I see a lot of bloggers writing their posts like they’re in an interview and I’m reading their cv – don’t do it! Speak to me like I’m your friend down the pub. Not only does it allow me to relax as a reader, I’ll get to understand you a lot faster!

We all have our own writing style, so don’t relax if you’re not comfortable there but read your work out loud, find your flow.

Do not, not not not. Buy followersinternet-1593378_640

I see this happen a lot when people are first starting out. People want a quick fix (understandable) but it took me 2 years to get 1000 followers and I wouldn’t trade that in for anything. Buying followers is becoming more popular as more companies want to see higher stats but when they ask for details it boils down to is your site, is it getting the right amount of traffic? Good trust-worthy comments? Are you being pinned and re-tweeted?

Not if you buy followers your not! –They’re ghosts, they don’t communicate or reciprocate your work, find a following. Take time to build that trust.

Spend tonnes of time pushing out quick content

Unless you’re a speed typer, two articles a day probably won’t be your best work. Take your time to publish your best work and focus on networking and sharing that. Eventually, you’ll build up a routine and writing style and be inspired by everything. Practice first, network second.

Don’t get stuck in a clique

A Health blogger at a beauty event, crazy..right?

If you’re already into blogging and are in social groups you’ll know what I’m talking about. Bloggers tend to stick to their own kind, which is understandable. Like minded people want to spend the time to learn about the things they love with people who are like them but this is poor blog-etiquette when wanting to share content.

Branch out and learn about new bloggers, let them learn about you. Make friends from all blogging groups from beauty bloggers to mummy bloggers to travel bloggers! You could join local groups like #Birminghambloggers so to get the latest on events with in the area. I do this so that when I want new content I have a variety and when they want food & health they all have me to look towards. #Friendswithbenefits

Good things to get in the habit of doing when starting a blog;

  • Know your own style – Try not to stray too far from what you know and love.
  • Be organised – Whether that means writing an article a day. Your readers want to know what you’re up to, try to keep them in the loop by creating a schedule and active presence.
  • Re-evaluate your goals and make sure you know where you’re going. These were my goals in march.
  • Keep updated on all platforms – Sometimes I don’t go on facebook at all, I’ll live on twitter, that’s where all the fun things happen. So try to be on all platforms, not daily..just when you can.
  • Make friends – Other bloggers are social we’re nosey by nature so get to know other bloggers and perhaps they’ll love your work, it could potentially be an asset for your own networking circles.
  • Be approachable – Writing negative articles is fine,we all need to vent sometimes, but creating a negative space isn’t good when you’re trying to build a fan base up and possible friendships.
  • Share when appropriate – remember last year’s Christmas list. Re-make it or just reshare it. You never know, it might come back into fashion. Share on every platform and take the time out to write new descriptions and tags for each platform! Starting a blog means starting to share your life with the world.
  • Check your stats – Not for comparison of other bloggers but to see what hits and what misses, does your audience prefer more interior design posts or do they like to read about your family and days out? Find out where your traffic comes from and targets the market (something I should do more often).

The list of good things to go for your own blog is endless ,really. Ultimately the main things that help when starting a blog are time and effort.

The things in my list showcase the importance of learning about yourself as a blogger, something that took me five years and a lot of quitting. Eventually, I learnt that I want to write about everything and that If you put in 100% you will get that back. By that, I mean putting in the right amount of passion, photography and networking to make your good/hard work get through the wall that is the blogger sphere.

Do you have any top tips to help bloggers, new and old, to crack the market?

Amy-May Hunt

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  1. Great tips! I SO agree about keeping to your own style. I think blogs are so popular because they help readers to feel like they know the blogger, they’re informal and chatty (or should be imo!) Fab post 🙂

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