Ok, a little bit over dramatic but I’m not known for laying it down gently, my experience with acne has really made me think about things..

This week I suffered! I had my first out break of spots, ever.

Yup, a grown woman who’s never had spots. As a teen I was always complimented on my skin and waited patiently for my right of passage to come..it never did. Not that I’m sad about it, I’m really glad I didn’t have to suffer with spots or acne or any of the confidence knocking side-effects that come with those.

This may make you want to say “Would you just shut-up, well done you for never having a spot“.

18 year old me never a spot in sight. Thumbs up to that.

That’s not my intention at all, I just wanted to say with my one week with acne was hell. It really opened my eyes to what was going on with my friends, maybe why they acted the way they did or why I didn’t have the same connections as they did? I’m hoping so anyway.

Like I said though, this week has really shocked me into realising what goes on when you have acne, here..
I’ll list them:

Mood swings: Mostly aggression. You’re angry and upset that this has happened to you and the fact that you have to be patient to get rid of them? That just tips you over the edge. I noticed I was happy at moments and then blindingly angry when I saw my beautiful face covered in these invaders.

Depression: Having a constant,such as your face, change over night is completely devastating. It’s the one thing in your life that doesn’t change, even through weight gain your face is still. your face. To see it red,blotchy and scabby really does make you feel like crap. I’m not saying deep dark depression happened to me, I had them for little over a week! I just mean, I can completely sympathise those who are feeling crap when they have spots.

Name calling: Yup, an adult calling another adult names. I think I brought it on myself really, I was trying to make light of the fact that my face was so drastically different that the names just leapt out of my mouth before anyone else had a chance to. When people joined in, it just made me realise how much I took my skin for granted. “Wow you look like shit” didn’t make me feel the best I have to tell you.

Lack of concentration: I found myself thinking only about my face, how I’d fix it. Should I take 10 minutes out at lunch to dry my skin out in the sun? Should I use another face scrub? I definitely ate too much oil today I’ll have to use some tea tree tonight. Then all night I was trying to stay out of the covers so I didn’t make my skin sweat. I ended up not sleeping and then looking even worse!


How to control your spots.

Find out what the issue was.
What was it that started this off? For me, in my strict routine I could easily workout what had worked out what had caused it. I put suncream on my skin, worked out and left the sweaty oily residue on my skin for over an hour. To bake in. Yup. Grubby git, but now I knew it was oil-based so all I had to do was.

Eliminate any extra oils and irritants from my skin.
Either by washing it off with good old soap and water, using an exfoliant or using an oil scrub. Yup, oil, apparently oil mixes with oil and removes the dirt from the pores. Watery face washes into an oily pore won’t extract the dirt. Along with those DIY’s I also spent a fair amount of time in the dry air, in the sun or just generally drying my skin out.

Kept my skin sweat free and hair free. 

  • The oil from my hair may have caused an extended amount of time with oily skin.
  • Reducing the sweat on my face, from my workouts, which I’ve upped because I’ve recently become a lazy bitch.
  • Moving the bed sheets away from my face, stopping my skin from sweating.
  • Drinking more water to reduce the oil within my skin.

Drama is over now as my skin is just clearing off, luckily. I have a wedding to get to today.  So all is right with the world. Before I go, he’s a summary of the emotions I had gone through with all of the skin problems.

Firstly. Shock, you didn’t plan for this strange invader on your face.
Anger. Me?! Today? Ugh, why today.
Detective instincts: I will find every blog-post, pin, youtube video and article on how to get rid of spots.
Denial. You’ll wash your face and kind of hope it’ll go away.
Anger. Why didn’t washing my face work??!
Acceptance. Yep, it’s there, deal with it.
Anger. NO!! I will not deal with this! It’s not fair!!

Enough now, If you’re reading this. I hope you get it sorted and if not, I hope it made you smile and realise you’re not alone. Spots are part of life, they’ll fade eventually. Good luck and have a great week.


*Yes, I call myself beautiful in this. That’s not vain, that’s body confidence. I love who I am, flaws and all, just not spots. I hate spots.

Amy-May Hunt

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