I’m attempting a new recipe for every week, on Wednesdays. Yes, I know.. this isn’t’ the most adventurous recipe you’ll see but it’s easy and quick and it’s honest to what I actually eat on a weekly basis.So many bloggers and foodies will publish recipes along the lines of “Avocado and lime cream on home made chilli rye-bread”  and whilst they look and probably (hopefully) taste great..they’re also unpractical, not unachievable, no.. but for the average person?
I think not.

My site has always been for the average joe, giving health advice to anyone who wants it and making it as simple as possible so they have access to the healthy food and positive lifestyle they want. This recipe encompasses that. Super simple, super healthy.

I’m not saying that having impressive recipes is a bad thing, they’re sharing them so you can see the possibilities of eating healthy with a multitude of choice.

But I really do believe,
Food should be easy to make and easy to enjoy, along with being super good for you! So I’m really dedicating my time to publishing real recipes that anyone can make and eat regularly. It makes you one step closer to easy eating and healthy living.

My paleo adventure still continues, I’m really only eating paleo for 2 days a week but I’m making conscious decisions to improve my health always and hopefully they get passed on to you.

Also, Happy National-Twin week for all of the twins (mine included).

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Veggie noodles & Sweet Chilli prawns!


6 Prawns
1/2 Courgette, noodled
1/3 Carrot, noodled
3tbsp Mixed peppers
1/4 Onion, ringed.

Chilli Sauce*
1/4 tsp of cumin, coriander,
pinch of chilli flakes or half a small chilli,
1stp water,
1/2 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp of sugar or honey.
Serves 1 / 10mins Prep / 75 calories per portion

I personally keep my own chilli sauce in a small container in the freezer. It’ll last for months in the freezer but only for 2 weeks in a fridge, so I always have some spare!

  1. Pop your sauce in with your uncooked prawns and marinade, you can do this for up to 4 hours but normally just pop them in whilst I’m prepping my noodles and veggies.
  2. Your prawns need to be removed from the sauce before you pan-fry, this stops them from boiling in the liquid. Boiled prawns are rubbery and not for our sophisticated pallets, thank you very much.
  3. Once your prawns are cooking you can assemble your veggies, I like to layer mine. When your fork goes in you get all of the layers, nom nom. Pop your prawns on your veggies and use your remaining marinade in the frying pan, boil it off until it’s sticky and thick!
  4. Drizzle over your prawns and veggie noodles. Enjoy!
I know, super simple, right? “why did she even bother to write this up?” My site isn’t about making big impressive dishes, it’s about simple little changes you can make do your day. Take this prawn dish. It’s perfect for lunch, this one little change can save you over 100 calories a day. That’s four cup cakes, a week in calories you’re saving!! Just by swapping your sandwich to something more exotic.
Now, of course you don’t have to keep it this simple, why not try adding some tasty toasted peanuts or cashews? You could even add some shredded cabbage for a sharp flavour! There really are tonnes of fun and interesting things you can do for a quick light lunch. The most important thing to remember is flavour first. If your taste buds like something you get reward hormones that stop your cravings!What are your go-to healthy lunches? Let me know in the comments!

As always, be good & be healthy,



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