VIDEO POST: 90 Calorie Cardio Workout: 12 minute cardio blast

90 Calorie Cardio Workout: No equipment needed.Just commitment.
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**Depending on what you put into this workout, and your height and weight you can average a daily burn of.
Calories burnt low: -70
Calories burnt High: +90

Warm up Full workout time: 3.15
Jog 45 seconds
Power squat 30
High knees 45
touch floors 45
Kickouts 30

Cardio 1 Full workout time: 5.45
Touch floors 1:00
Sprint Drops 1:00
Burpees 45
High low jab 1:00
Burpees 45

Cardio 2 Full workout time: 3.00
Squat heel taps 30
Side skip punches 30
Skipping ropes 30
— Second round
squat heel taps 30
side skip punches 30
Skipping ropes 30

I hope you can see that even 12 minutes a day can change your life and boost your metabolism for the rest of the day, i hope you can put these into your daily route en.
I do this before breakfast, then continue to do my full 1 hour workout.

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