VIDEO POST:Tutorial Tuesdays Fruit smoothies

Wake up call! Fruit smoothies, fuel your morning 🙂
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This is my breakfast route-en:

  7.45: Wake up and I drink 1 glass of lemon water before my cardio workout 10-15 minutes long.
  8.00:I then have my fruit smoothie (if i’m on a RawTill4 day) otherwise i’ll have watered porridge and fruit/Eggs on toast.
 8.30:  I do my computer work for 90 minutes to let breakfast settle.
 10.00:I crack on with my insanity workout for 1 hour.
 11.10: I get on with my day! 🙂

My smoothies are all different my banana smoothies normally consist of 4-5 bananas with variants of; lemon, apple, pineapple, chocolate powder.
My citrus smoothies have; 1 glass of orange juice always then they might have, 1 ring of pineapple, quarter of a lemon, pears,

**When it comes to fruit, a variety is always good, its natural energy filling and fibrous, just make sure you get your vegetables involved too.

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As always, stay happy and healthy.. Amy x


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