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ARGH Hair salon of the year!
I get the day at a hair salon for them to do anything i want, i’m so excited,It’s been 4 years since i’ve been in a salon, and i’ve never had anything more then a ‘quick cut’ .
  The appointmen is within the next 3 weeks, at the moment my hair is to my bust so not too long and i have a side parting but it looks dreadful, i’d like to get this, and have a parting slightly futher back then mine at the moment.
This is the best picture i could find: i’m thinking dark/chestnut brown with long layers, but what’d you guys think?

in dark brown? Leave your comments on my email, link below, facebook or youtube.

I’ve started designing my youtube channel..i still have around 9 days for the camera to arrive and its all i’m thinking about, i have a massive folder 


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..