Week1: Food & Excersize Diary- May:

I thought i might aswell keep a food and excersize diary, since i have alot of time to waste during my job search, so here we are:
Monday 23rd:
Soya porridge 2 spoons of honey and banana: 390 calories. 


Spiced rice with veg and mash:
1 slice of bread: 90 calories
Rice: 228 calories
mash: 102 calories
Vegetables: 83 calories

Cheese on toast with sweetcorn: 450 calories.

2 pieces of shortbread: 360 calories.

Drink calorie total : 128

Calories Total: 1831

Excersize Done: 16 squats 16 side lunges each leg 4 mins of ‘mountain climbing’ push ups 4.5 mins
5 mins of high cardio work out.
Total: 35 mins of work out.
My calories seem pretty high for such small portions, i mean i went to bed not hungry, but i could’ve eaten a large meal and it would’ve gone down fine, but i ate healthily, carbs,veg,fruit,sugar,fat and dairy in my drinks and cerial, just no protien..

Tuesday 24th:

1 fahjita wrap with:
3 slices of ham: 33 calories
wrap: 100 calories
peppers and salad: 58 calories
1 portion of salad cream : 47 calories


Spiced rice with peppers and chicken noodles:
1 slice of bread: 90 calories
Rice: 150 calories
Vegetables: 120 calories
Chicken noodles: 410 calories

1 bag of crisps: 150 calories
1 piece of shortbread: 180 calories.

Drink Calorie Total : 122 Calorie Total: 1532

Excersize done: 21 squats 32 side lunges each leg 3 mins of ‘mountain climbing’ push ups 2 mins
6 mins of high cardio work out.
total: 25 mins of work out.
Deffinately not hungry after today, and i had all the things i’m supposed to have in a diet, the chicken noodles were from a box though, so that’s my sin for today, but i think all in all i did fantasticly, day 2 of ‘body’ rockers excersize and i’m deffinately feeling it in my arms and stomach! But, no pain no gain.

Wednesday 25th:

Soya porrige with honey: 320


Lasagne and Garlic Bread: 220 Calories for Garlic Bread- i know! 520 lasagne.


Chocolate bar: 202 Calories
Ice cream and apple pie 435 Calories

Drink Calorie Total :78  Calorie Total: 1775

Excersize done:8 mins of High Impact cardio work out. 5 mins Low impact work out:

OW OW OW OW OW… did i meantion… OWWWWW 🙁 day 3 of ‘body’ rockers and i’m deffinately feeling it!!!  my chest,tri’s-bi’s, quads, calve, and but bum muscles, are killing, and i’ve still got to carry on as normal and excersize, i’ll cut it down a bit so i don’t strain to much, but OW 🙁
But, no pain no gain.<- Screw that! It hurts!

Body Rocker Challenge for Wednesday:

Zuzana:I completed 300 squats in 10 minutes and 48 seconds – now it’s up to you to beat my time 🙂
MissieMai: I’m a beginner! Don’t judge! They’re hard! 76 in 3mins and 36 seconds But i couldn’t do anymore!! Let me know how you did?

Thursday 26th:

Apple- 90 calories.

Toast and sweetcorn appetiser: 165 Calories


Egg and Chips.


Chocolate pieces: 30 Calories.

Drink Calorie Total : 48  Calorie Total: 776

Excersize done: 8 mins high intensity 20 mins low impact
6mins stretch and cool down

Friday 27th:



Chinese Noodles And Salad : 350 Calories


Home Made Curry with White Rice and salad: 523 Calories ( small portion)


Chocolate Crispy cakes: 220
Drink Calorie Total :68  Calorie Total: 1161 

Excersize done:12 mins high intensity 26 mins low impact
4 mins stretch and cool down

End of the week total: 7,075
Average Daily Total: 1,415
*End of the week SHOULD eat total: 11,340
Weekly undereat.over eat :  – 1.8 days!  ( not good)

To gain muscle and lose fat, you need to maintain your calories, by undereating your starving your muscles and making yourself weaker, this could be why my muscles haven’t recovered as fast as i would’ve liked.
* Based on my age height weight and excersize i should intake “Maintenance: 2,268 Calories/day”


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..