Starting : Monday 30th May- ending 5th June
Monday 30th: Bank holiday.
Nooooo!! i woke up this morning, after last night being able to do a repon a pull up bar, YAY, so i ran over to it and didn’t warm up and i’ve clicked my necl ( i don’t know how either..) And now i can’t move it at all, so i can’t do any of zuzi’s work outs.. ARGH it sucks so bad!! i was doing so well, everyones commented, and its only been 6 days, the doctor said i can’t do ANY excersize involving my upper body, so i’ve just done a few squats. =(
Monday 23rd:
2 Sausages 1 piece of bacon, 2 pieces of bread.= 500 calories!
3 chicken pieces and one piece of bread= 400 calories.



3 biscuits = 240 calories.

Drink calorie total : 128

Calories Total: 1831

Excersize Done:


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