I wrote an article recently on how to prepare for your holiday, get in the fit and healthy mind set and what to eat once you get there! What’re the best eating options on an all inclusive holiday & how do you make the most of the food with out compromising on your health?

Essentially it’s a how-to guide to getting into shape before your holidays.

Prepare yourself for summer – beachbodies and healthy minds

I summarised my health plans and my routine on there but I wanted to write something up on here that explains how to get in shape quickly and sustainably before your holidays. Now, I’m not advocating that you eat rubbish all year until you go away (read the article). The point is that if you’re a healthy person who wants to look their best, you can do it and I’ll show you how I do it.

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My Pre-Holiday Diet

Paleo! I’m normally on the paleo diet anyway, but only for around 5 days a week. In all honest, even then I don’t do it properly, I eat rice and sweet treats whenever I want. I’ll be on the paleo diet for around 80% of the time until my holiday.Not because I’m restricting myself but because it is the best thing for my body and I don’t normally treat myself right.
I suffer with IBS; mild lactose & gluten intolerance so paleo for me is just cutting out anything that’s processed, I still have small amounts of milk and sugar,dark chocolate and the occasional grains but for everything else I make it from scratch and mostly eat fresh vegetables and little fruit.I have some recipes linked for you so click anything you want!

American style pancakes
Egg and banana pancakes

A typical day for me would be;

  • Breakfast: An Egg & Banana Combo. Either Scrambled eggs with a banana afterwards, american pancakes or scrambled banana eggs. With a Coffee; milk and two sugars.
  • Lunch: Vegetable Stuffed pepper and spicy tomato sauce. With a coffee milk and one and a half sugars. (yeah, I do that)
  • Snack:  This isn’t really limited, I try to have a snack under 200 calories but It depends on how I feel or what workout I’m doing. Examples are; Banana, Frozen grapes, paleo ice cream, nuts, apricots, prunes, carrots.
  • Dinner: Protein on cauli rice; minced beef, fish, chicken. with corn on the cob, peas, carrots and broccoli
    Spicy chicken in lettuce cups with sweet potato corn on the cob and broccoli
    Stir fry vegetables in a spicy sauce on cauliflower rice or normal rice (depending).

From paleo alone I normally lose 2″ in a month, mostly from water retention and reducing the bloating from gluten. It’s crazy how quickly my body changes but from cutting any gluten and processed sugar.

Top it off with a good toning workout!

We all know that toning only comes from reducing fat and gaining muscle (don’t we?) Well, you do now. So by having a good diet that reducing my bloating should help the muscles to really pop. I’m not looking for abs or biceps, I just don’t want the wobble! My workout schedule includes;

  • Sunday; 6-8 miles running ( I really do mean running, jogging just hurts my hips)
  • Monday; T25 Alpha workout or similar.
  • Tuesday or Thursday; 4-6 mile run. or T25 alpha workout or similar.
  • Wednesday; 15 minute abs, 10-minute arms and butt routine.
  • Thursday; See above.
  • Friday; T25 alpha workout or similar with abs and butt thrown in for good measure.
  • Saturday; stretching or possibly some yoga as a warm up for Sunday.

I normally workout daily but on such a healthy diet I’m able to relax a bit, I try to cut down the cardio and work on toning up my wobbly bits, I want to feel comfortable on my holidays with toned legs and lean arms! I’ve just started the Beachbody T25 workout dvd’s which are cardio strength dvd’s that are only 25 minutes! They’re super easy to follow and typically burn anything from 180-350 calories per session! *Depending on weight and intensity you put in.

Focusing on positivity.

I really believe the more you convince yourself you can achieve something the closer you are to achieving it. I’m only seven weeks way from my holiday and I’m damn confident that I can be fighting fit for it!




Amy-May Hunt

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  1. So nice to read your updates and find them very motivating as I really need to make some changes for the summer season as I am feeling a little down as have been so swamped with things lately it’s affected my normally healthy diet

    Laura x

    • Thank you Laura, that’s so kind of you! I’m in the same boat as you at the moment, I’ve had a sudden realisation that I’ve let my health slip again (even after this update)

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