What’s in a name? That which we call a daisy.. (name change!)

I’ve been thinking for months about having a change up, for a start I’d like to kick out- blogger, and install wordpress but with £99/ A month I think that’ll  have to come later down the ladder, once I have more time for writing. As you know I only get 12 hours a week to write and network so a big change is just not on the cards at the moment, maybe next year?

BUT! I am changing the name, Same old blogger account just a different name on the header, the domain name will be changing from

www. The Creative Fitness Channel .co.uk 
www. As Fresh As A Daisy .co.uk

Fresh as a daisy logo Full colourFresh as a daisy logo black and white

Fresh as a Daisy means to feel great, clean, vibrant, healthy and to be positive, which is what I hope this website is already promoting so the name fits in perfectly. (Until my sister has mentioned it sounds like a sanitary advert) 
So, the name-hunt continues..
What about…
I want it to explain the blog “Fit, Health, Run, Life” but I don’t want it to target a specific audience “Veggie, Vegan, Gender specific” I also don’t want it to use negative words or target words “Weightloss, fat, diet ” I don’t want it to sound too professional “Guide, Advice, Channel *oops*”
Anyone have any good ideas?

I’ll not be changing the URL for a few months, until the domain runs out, so it’s an easy and quick swap, for now I’ll be sorting out the art-work and slowly easing you into the transition.

I haven’t had a good healthy recipe to create for you but it’s Halloween so here’s a SQUASH based recipe, perfect for autumn! It’s Paleo of course, hope to see you there..

So thanks from me, Keep staying active, working out and

  Eatin’ As Fresh As A Daisy
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Pop a comment, let me know what you think..