Why do new years resolutions diets NEVER last? – How to change that!

New year has been and gone, to all of our dismay, however we have a whole year to fullfill our wildest dreams.Well, that is just it,  we spend all year telling ourselves, oh ill wait until next monday to start that diet, I’ll change jobs in the new year.
Finally new year spins round and we’re all too depressed to rush into something new.

My new new years plan.

Why diets don’t work.
It’s the holidays, you’ve spent 3 weeks binging on sugar and booze, your body is craving food so it can get more sustenance and vitamins, you are so tired that you end up getting more junk food, its a vicious circle.
So, plan to change tomorrow morning, plan out tonight what you’re eating and make sure you’re prepared to change you’re life:

  • Sleep well.
  • Rehydrate ( normally your body is thirsty, not hungry!)
  • Have breakfast, non of the cardboard stuff, fill up on protein it gives you a good boost of energy for your day.
  • Stay positive, we all have days that we will eat a donut, you wont put on weight.Eat it if it will make you happier, the happier you are the more energy you’ll have to exercise.
  • Focus, so..the girls are going out for lunch? go too, but focus on yourself! this is what you want!
  • Exercise! Exercising gives you more energy, keep yourself moving. The body naturally wants to store fat, it is in our DNA. Move as much as you can and never think ‘ oh I’ve done enough today’.
A diet shouldn’t be something you complete, it should be a way of life!

Body rock tv/Daily HIIT is an amazing site that is free and sends you new workouts daily that you can do in 20 mins before or after work this site will shed fat and get you focused on your new way of life.
body rocks new year plan:here

Heather cobb
Never restrict yourself to certain foods, it will not work. Our bodies like balance, we like new things. Make a list of your favourite foods for 2 weeks, make sure your daily foods are 1300+ calories, mix your list up, swap it round and the pounds will melt off.
Organise your year.
I have written down my weight starting January 1st, this is the weight i won’t be next year.
take off 4 lbs and write it at the bottom of that months calendar. 
1 lb a week is good for someone with a BMI of 25.-27 anyone from 27+ should seek advice before losing weight.
After the month if you’ve lost the weight go out for a meal or make a nice meal ( up to 800 calories for the dinner,total 1600).
Everything in your day should be focused on healthy, go for a walk on the weekends!

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