I’m not one for updating my Instagram, I update it when I eat something tasty or buy something I love. When it comes to updating selfies..Ugh. It’s hard to talk about this subject..

No one wants to talk about themselves or admit to their failings. But I have failed and I will always be honest with you.

I got fat. 

Ok, not ‘fat-fat’ I’m not obese, or really ‘overweight’ I’m probably still in the healthy category but I’m unhealthy.I mentioned last week (Chocolate free week 1)I’d been struggling with my sugar intake and to make time for a workout… I’ve put on a fair bit of weight and I’ve lost all definition in my body, including putting on fat mass around my stomach and legs.

I’m not stupid or confused as to why I’ve put on the weight, it’s because I’m eating poorly and I’ve not worked out. Simple.

Yeah, I’ve been busy but I have focusing plans in place to motivate me to make time. I’ve just chosen not to, I chose to put on weight.

By all means think it a poor lesson to learn for me to share with you, but it’s not a bad lesson…

it’s ‘life’.

We go through these ups and down and crap sometimes we forget our motivation and sometimes we choose to ignore it, but I won’t ignore it not anymore.

I will be the example I want to lead.

I know I’ve put on weight and I know it’s making me a bad role model to you. I started this on Saturday and since then I’ve made time for a workout everyday. I’m slowly getting back to my old routine and I’ll slowly get back to eating healthily.

Don’t think that because I’m normally healthy I’ll just snap back to my ‘healthy body’. Life doesn’t work like that, we form habits yes, but we still have to put in the same amount of work to lose the weight . Trust me, to get to this point it is took a long time, after all I’ve been writing about it for almost 5 years. 2 years ago I officially started to invest time in nutrition and weight loss though and my site has flourished since then (along with my health).

This was me in January,

This was me in February, (29th)

This was me, last week…But you’ll see me again soon, a healthier me.I promise not to hide my failings again, I am human. So are you. Good luck on your journeys, I’m right here with you.



Amy-May Hunt

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