We’re already in it, it’s cold and windy and, for me…

it’s the most demotivational time of year. 

I love to run, I went on a crazy ramble last week about how much running has changed my life. I wanted to share how great running is, it’s getting to a rough time of year. I understand it, trying to motivate people into a new fitness regime is hard enough in the warmer months but in winter? It’s almost impossible.

That is why I want to prepare you for the cold months, being prepared is half the battle. Once you know what you need to do to achieve the success you can go on to do it!

Be prepared for the cold;

Get yourself kitted out.walk-617390_1280

One of the biggest issues with the cold is letting it get to your skin! Buy any fitness gear you want but make sure it’s efficient, there are plenty of good quality brands who are there offering the best for reasonable prices. Non of this Primark Malarky. Not for winter.

A hat is key. Protecting the sensitive parts of the body and keeping warmth in through the head. One of the most important ways to keep warmth in your body is keeping it in through the head.A great runners hat selection.

Gloves. This one is huge for me personally. Not only that my finger tips go purple without them on a light stroll but when you’re running in the cold air and wind it seems to get right to your bones when you run without protection.

A really good jacket. Keeping your chest warm is another huge part of the body, allowing your warmth to escape means you’ll be adding extra pressure to the body. Making the heart pump warm blood faster, not something it needs when doing strenuous exercise. Stay safe, stay warm.

Tip: Something with a zip and then, if need be, you can remove it if you get a bit warmer.

Keep on track.

Running can be in done, in doors, out doors or on pavement but choose wisely. Running ‘off track’ means running through possibly wet grass or mud. Wet grass absorbs into your trainers leading to freezing cold toes. Wet soggy toes and friction from running could lead to losing skin. Mud could lead to slips or trips and possibly broken body parts. – Not great.

Make wise decisions!


Stay hydrated.

This is probably drummed into you by now. Water keeps the muscles healthy, filled with water and helps blood flow to the heart and lungs to stay steady and healthy. Keeping you safer, but the biggest issue I have when running in the colder months is that my throat get’s so sore from the cold air.

Have you ever run around in the snow and felt ‘cotton wool mouth’

Have a schedule and stick to it.

Running for 15 minutes is enough to get the body prepared for a race or prepared for your day, whatever you want. When training, you need to be consistent, whether it’s a mixed routine or an organised schedule be strict with it. Get up early and do a little bit to start your day or go for a slow jog in the evening.

Do something for yourself every day.



I have signed myself up, with the help of Mo running who kindly gave me two places in their November Birmingham event. The problem is I haven’t ran in over 7 weeks! I have been more focused on the website than my health and I let cardio slip for far too long.  It was time to get myself organised and sort a list of how I was going to start racing in winter. Tada, this article was born.

How I am preparing for race day:

I am now running for 30 minutes a day at a slow pace (typically around 3k). I also do a 20-minute strength workout every few days to increase muscle mass and strength in my legs. I am eating a higher carb vegan diet, typically I was eating low carb vegan because that’s what my body likes. I get a bit fluffy when I eat carbs and don’t exercise but with my new running schedule I can burn off the excess carbs.

I covered the opposite of this way back in June “How to keep cool during the summer season”. So now you can keep yourself prepared to run throughout the year!

Amy-May Hunt

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  1. I’m not a runner myself, but I have some friends who are really passionate about it – I’ll definitely be sharing these tips with them. Fab post! x

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