Paper ideas

Into cards: 

Firstly,iron out your paper and keep it flat as much as possible.
Place the card in nice areas and cut out the cards carefully leaving as much paper as you can for ‘scraps’.( keep the paper loose for folding the card in half, the paper won’t stretch so test it before you glue!) Glue the cards down.
 For a large card I have used two cards, or half of one card with a small gap in the middle for folding over, 1 or 2 mm.
You can leave wrapping paper over the edges for a border. The border can be big small, wavy. It really is personal to you.
Update 2015: Whilst this seems like a very basic Idea It’s super unique and budget friendly, I’ve given these out to children in my class (I work in a school) and as gift tags for presents!

Into tags:

For the ‘scraps’ and smaller strips I have glued scrap card down,and turned into gift tags,hole punch and thread ribbon through!
Cut out a shape from card or two sheets of paper ( for thickness). Cover this card in wrapping paper from different angles. ‘A collage’ it looks more handmade. Now, thread the ribbon through.

Use it for wrapping up other presents.

Make a coaster: 

Cut out a disk of card, glue a collage or a nice section of your paper onto the coaster. Varnish or just coat with a thick layer of glue.

Wrap up flowers
Simply use the paper as an outer layer for a gift of flowers, it adds an extra touch.


I’m not going to do origami as it does take time and patience, neither of those i have, but here are some great links.( i can’t believe someone thought of this first!)
Origami club – the best website.
Origami make

From student skidco
Decorating a photo frame

 Use any paper and make a collage or as the picture shows cut out parts that you really like and use them.

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