I was once asked “what motivates you” To which I answered “I just want to look better and be better.” if I had thought about this I would’ve explained it further.
What motivates you?: 
I am motivated by myself, I want to look good feel good and I want that to inspire others to want the same. I do it for myself, to show myself that i’m strong.
  • You’re as strong as you think you are.
  • You can do whatever you want limitations are in your mind.
  • You’re as happy as you want to be
  • You live as long as you want to live
When you want to give up, and everyones got you down…

I wrote a post recently after a conversation with a family member

“My friend was on your facebook and thinks you have body issues”
so i posted the following:
 “A Guy is into the gym= He’s Strong.
A Girl is into the gym = She’s Self concious with body issues? 
I’m breaking the mould “

Instantly my family member says “You do have body issues” I assumed they were joking and ignored it and comments came in thick and fast praising me and saying how good it is for women to feel confident in their own skin.
That member however said they were serious and I think i have a problem because i exercise constantly. 
I’m happy, I’m the best I’ve ever been, mentally and physically and they’re labeling me as ‘broken’ damaged and weak.
Body issues ” You’re saying it’s this awful word and giving it more meaning” He said ” It is!” I cry. 
Most people who have had issues in the past will no that words scar you, they etch into your skin like wet cement, Don’t put your words onto my body. I exercise because its the one release in life, the one thing i’m happy doing, people who put me down only make me stronger.

And I treat my body by rewarding it with good foods and it is showing me how happy it is.

Get up and be stronger than them…
I’m not happy eating meat, and no, vegetables don’t thrill me, but I love my body and I love my health. I want the best for me and I want the best for you, I’m trying to show you the benefits of a life style.

Quick tips for staying motivated:
Stay motivated, get a routine!
Stay Focused on what you want out of fitness!
Don’ restrict your diet, your body knows what it needs!

Whether you do it once a day once a week or just include more fruit and vegetarian in your diet. It will change your body and your mind on everything you know.

I’ll be posting a few vegetarian recipes in the oncoming weeks so look out for them.

Next:how I perceive my health and fitness in 2014.


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