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No, not me…them!

These are my top 7 picks for YouTube channels you should subscribe to.

I spoke last week about social media controlling our brains and making us think lazier, eat fattier and really just controlling the “demotivational” aspects of our internet usage. But, it doesn’t have to be like that, these YouTube channels are dedicated to being positive and giving motivation and guidance to anyone who’s searching for it.
So, bring some motivation into your YouTube feed and get yourself inspired again.


The classic, It’s the tuxedo of fitness websites. Plain and simple but exactly what you want, every kind of workout from every kind of instructor. The instructions are easy to follow and really, I think anyone can complete a workout on this channel.
Very motivational for young women who want to get inspired by strong women and powerful instructors!

Fitness blender
Gah, I know. They make it into every list on every page..but there’s a reason for it! This young couple take fitness as seriously as Tom Horton!
They offer workouts daily and occasionally they throw in some health advice and recipes, the most important thing about them is that they’re a lovely couple. They remind you that workouts don’t need to be hard, they just need to be inspiring. Their workouts range from easy kids workouts to insanely hard. Trust me, I do the kickboxing workout regularly and it leaves me sore every time!

XHIT Daily
One of my first steps away from insanity. They have a wide range of high-intensity workouts, from cardio to strength to targeted muscle building workouts for all levels of ability. They’re no fitness blender but when you need a tough muscle-building workout they’re a go-to for youtube. Not to mention all the instructors are ripped!

They were always going to be on this list. Whilst they’re not a site for recipes or even workout plans they’re above inspirational and bordering on artistic. They rarely update the channel, sometimes it’s once a week sometimes it’s once a month.. but when they do they give you a taste of “health as it should be”. 
No Powerlifting or nutritional guidance, just healthy bodies doing incredible things..

Again, another go to for me, I really only use them for booty blasting or ab blasting workouts. They’re short but sweet (like most of the models on there) but their workouts will kick your butt! They’re hard work, but you’ve got to put the effort in if you want to look anything like them!

Psyche Truth


I’ve only recently stumbles across Millionaire Hoy, He’s like the younger brother of Shaun T and yeah, I love Shaun T. MillH is as enthusiastic and as passionate as Shaun is, not to mention he’s been trained by Beachbody so if you like Insanity style workouts, this is the channel for you. I’ve completed a few of the silent workouts and even the low-impact workouts give a sweat on! His channel is relatively new (in the big scheme of things) so definitely go over and show support!

In case you didn’t know, I have a channel too & These are just my collection, they’re the channels that are inspirational to me and my must-haves for when I need a quickie workout or just someone to inspire me to get up out of bed.

What inspires you to become a better you? Leave a comment and let me know!
Also, do you have any YouTube channels to shout about?


8 comments on “7 Youtube channels you must subscribe to! #Motivational”

  1. Some great videos here. Will be having a good look though I always get distracted on YouTube and end up watching the most random things.

  2. Some great videos here. Will be having a good look though I always get distracted on YouTube and end up watching the most random things.

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