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I try to regulate my weight as much as possible ( to do this job you kind of have to), but there are weeks where I slip into a lack of motivation, stagnant workouts and ‘weak eating’. 

Over the end of march I fell into this weakness and ended up putting a small amount of weight on, (around 5lbs) which gave me cause to lose it again! I love that rush when you get when you do well at your workouts and with the added weight I was motivated to prove a point.

So I wrote it all down with my top tips and created a video:

My tops tips for beginners weight loss these are the things I use to keep myself motivated and in the mood for working out and exercising regularly, I hope they can help you to stay motivated!

1.Comfy Clothing: Wear active wear stay active.
I wear active wear around the house so at any moment I can jump up and do a few pushups or dance to my favourite song. Not a lot of people enjoy exercising (especially not beginners) as they often begin over weight, so being able to exercise at any moment gives you the opportunity to.

2.Start on empty. Stops snacking.
By eating your largest meal at night, you avoid the most common snacking times.Your stomach shrinks back at night so waking up and eating a small meal stops the stomach from stretching and can reduce hunger signals being sent to your brain.

3. Remove temptation. No rewards. Be your own reward.

By removing temptation and people who are tempting you, you remove the battle. Here now people assume weight loss is easy, work hard and eat healthy. The temptation is the hard part, if there is nothing to tempt you, you will not stray, be strong.

4.Run. Cardio is great for fat burning.

By including a 15-20-minute session your metabolism picks up for the rest of the day and sets your mind in ‘health’ mode, you snack less and move more throughout the rest of your day.

5.Support. Find support in those around you.


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