Being the thrifty gal that I am. I contacted a company that I had already heard of and wanted to work with, they swiftly replied, so I messaged them back and asked cheekily if they would give me another box for a give away.. and here we are!
So, my box arrived on Wednesday morning, just ready for my Saturday review, perfect! A gentleman arrived at the door with a sheet for me to sign, I remembered that the lovely company were sending me a box out, so when he went back to the van and brought out this HUGE Box, almost too big for him to carry 

The boys were with my on Wednesday so I let them open the box, which they did expertly! Ripping the sides of the box, oops. They were so excited to see so much food come in one box, so we put it all out on the table and the youngest went round naming them all, except for some of the longer names ‘freekah’ isn’t a two-year-olds word just yet.

Inside my review box:

After scattering my products over the table and mooching over the packaging I put my official ‘review’ head on, I like to be completely honest with the company and have no qualms with telling them straight if I don’t like something, yep, I’ve done it before with fabletics and with another powder that I tried.
So the box itself is covered in organic slogans and how to recycle the box and packaging information. Once you open it it’s in two halves, one for fresh produce and the other for the recipe booklets and the meat, which I didn’t know was even in there!

I arranged all the food I’d gotten on the table and displayed the organic wool bag too..which I later found out contained lamb, chicken and sausages!

Along with all the organic-hand-picked fresh food there was also pre-portioned food already for the meals, there were the recipe sheets with calorie contents, protein values and portion guide.The meat and produce quality was outstanding, the minced lamb was so tasty, no added bulking or fat to any of the meats.

The card explains precisely how to cook each component and when to add what to where, so whilst you’re cooking your rice you can also be preparing your almonds,which I think is great, too often to we get recipe guides that don’t explain what to do to speed up the cooking process.
The box also had two gift and vouchers for other products, such as organic coffee and a ‘graze’ food box.

The Ingredients:

In terms of fresh products bought online, I honestly can’t think of better, they’re organic and fresh, with a use by date of a few days so you know it’s good!

The meat was on an ice pack so stayed cool and fresh ready for use straight away, the vegetables are organic and fresh and covered in individual bags to stop spoiling.

The meals themselves worked out at £6.66 per meal which is £3.33 per portion, for organic pre-portioned fresh ingredients, imagine going to buy a large bag of organic tomatoes, you’ve broken the budget already, right? this way you have the precise amount of tomatoes you need, and all the other fresh ingredients you need without any spoiling or going off!

Morrocan Lamb couscous

Meal #1 I’m so glad I had this one first, It really solidified how much I loved this box, It took around 20 minutes to cook and it was the tastiest meal I’ve had in a long time (and I eat a lot of fresh veg) this was such a lovely break from paleo, I almost didn’t try it because of course, cous cous isn’t paleo!

Me and Tom thoroughly enjoyed this and now regularly enjoy a bit of lamb cous cous as a treat!

Jewelled Chicken Freekah

Meal #2
Not so glad I tried this, I thought after loving the first one so much that this one would be just as nice, ignoring the fact that I don’t really like cranberries or feta cheese (or any cheese really) and the first few bites were fine but It really wasn’t my cup of tea, like an earthy green rice with a sweet herby flavouring. It’s still good to try new things though.

Sausage Casserole

Meal #3 Nom nom, It’s a really nice sausage casserole with great quality sausages in an amazingly light but full-flavoured sauce, if I do say so myself, but I can’t really say much else about it my sister had this one off me for her two fussy boys, they love a good food review and they scraped their plates! They loved the sausages.

What they say:

 A snippet of what they say on their website.

What’s the big idea? Gousto enables you to choose and cook scrumptious meals without any of the faff. No traipsing, trekking or trying to make time you don’t have. We send you quality ingredients in exact portions, and easy-to-follow recipe cards that let you cook like the Fonz of food. Boxes are delivered weekly, but you can pause your account at any time. Grace yourself with Gousto at an introductory £15 discount – working out from as little as £4 per portion. Ayyy!

Fresh and organic.
We‘ll send you all the ingredients you need in exact portions, fresh from the farm! All our meat comes from British farms and most of our veg is organic. Oh and delivery is FREE!


Just a quick plug for my other platform,I bought some new active leggings and reviewed them against some cheaper brands (fabletics and primark), have a look!


Overview of the product:

I really actually quite like to be negative because it’s more about what reviewers don’t like, then the companies can improve, but on this I’m really struggling to give a negative view.

The only thing I can really say is.. that It’s not something I’d buy;
 I like to go into the shops and hand pick my foods in bulk,as I freeze a lot of food anyway, saving me money and meaning I can handle the products myself, but as I said earlier, they’re all freshly picked, it saves you having to buy too much fresh food that will go off and ofcourse, it’s pretty much the same price as if you went into the shop and bought it yourself, but they’re more creative with your meal plan and they guide you through the cooking.

If you’re busy, you can’t shop or you just want to treat yourself..go out and try one of these, mix up your routine have a new taste sensation.

The price is pretty damn good for less than £4 per portion. I normally spend about £30 a week topping up the Kitchen, sometimes up to £180 a month on shopping (that’s not including the things you ALWAYS have at the back of the cupboard that come in handy on days you want to mix up your dinner plans) but with this product you don’t need to buy your food and the little extras, they’re portioned out for you for £40 for six days but right now there’s £15 off!

~For meals I wouldn’t normally eat, I’d eat out and Id’ cost around £20, this way I get three exciting and new meals for a third of the price. 

You can be dietary specific and they will cater to that too, but If you’re fully capable of cooking and you’re trying to save money then this probably is more of a ‘treat’ box,

I hope I’ve been non-biased and honest enough for you all to want to try and mix up your routine, remember a healthy body is a happy well-nourished one!

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