I’ve had a taste of the future, and it’s NOT good.Ooh, I love a good review! Firstly can I just say, it’s not that it tastes bad, I just for some reason thought it would be like a protein shake with a mild flavour. It wasn’t.
It was a wheetabixy breakfast drink.
 As alway’s my opinion cannot be bought. I get given the products for free, I can then decide to write an article for you if I wish, I think someone out there will want to know about the new products on the market and this one is very new!
Quick summary:
It’s a drinkable food with all the nutrient you need in your day (if you drink the full four shakes, which they recommend). The drinks are quick and easy to prepare. Just add water. They’re ok to drink, not too sweet, not too thick and they’re filling, they’re a normal range of 2000 calories per day, around 500 calories per drink. They’re pretty affordable considering it’s a full weeks meals.
They’ve never really been promoted as hospital food supplements but it’s since been suggested they may start pumping these into hospitals.
My personal opinion:
The price is fine for all your meals cooked and worked out for you.
The flavour is fine, it’s mild enough and sweet enough to be like a breakfast shake.
The texture isn’t great, it’s drying and somewhat grainy.
The idea of it? just puts me off.


Oh, wow. Sorry, that kind of just came out nowhere…

but really, it does put me off a bit, the fact that food will become ‘too much work’ and that a shake will be all that you need. I’m a fitness junkie, for me food is essential and I think for everyone It should be essential, there’ll be an upcoming article from me about my food and nutrition on eatwithellen, ellen’s blog.

 Overall thoughts

What I want to say about this product is that; whilst it tastes nice it doesn’t really fit in anywhere. It’s not a quick meal (because it’s not a meal) It’s not a dessert a dinner or a lunch. I guess, If you’re elderly or incapable (or willing) to cook, then by all means go out and buy this product.

Health should be about putting yourself first and making the best choices for you.So, if this is best for you and your health then do it, if not then don’t sacrifice a 15-minute meal for a shake you can also find out why I don’t drink smoothies.

Other 500 calorie meal ideas:

There are so many meals you can enjoy for less than this drink offers. Full of flavour and having fibre and gut boosting goodness.

  • A banana, Apple & a bowl of muesli. (Vitamins, Fibre, Carbohydrates)
  • Poached Eggs on whole wheat toast with A two pieces of fruit ( Vitamins, Fibre, Protein, Carbohydrates)
  • A big bowl of oats with several pieces of fruit . (Vitamins, Fibre, Carbohydrates)
  • A healthy fry up: Mushrooms, Eggs, Tomatoes, Peppers, sweet potato Toast.
  • Bean Stew: Mixed Vegetables, beans and lentils (Full of all food groups)
  • Asian/Indian/Chinese Curry.
  • Fish Pie; Sweet potato mash and vegetables.
  • Stirfry Vegetables – Ready bagged veg with tonnes of (Vitamins, Fibre and Protein)

Yes, it is fast and easy to prepare, but so is egg on toast and they’re much cheaper! I really wanted to be positive about this (see my video) I try my hardest to smile about it! If you’re into the newest trends go out and buy this drink, if you’re a normal human being who likes solid foods, eat solid foods!! Find the right diet for you.


What do you think about liquid food?


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