If you’re here for the winner of the gousto organic food box raffle, just scroll down below. In case you’re wondering where I’ve been for the last..16 days…

 I’ve been back at college.

I have loved my blog, I’ve been writing on it casually since 2011, but time moves on and thoughts change, so I changed my blog, I started tracking my fitness levels and started giving out advice, which meant learning more about fitness, so I took courses, did classes and lost my own weight.


I’ve grown with this blog, I’ve put in every part of me that was worth writing about and sometimes the boring bits too.. but It was my own special little space to do so, in early 2015 I started a case after being forced out of a job (I left on my own, but through bullying and sexual harassment I had no choice.) Which meant I had only college and a volunteer school placement left and more time to work on the blog. Time that I otherwise used to look for work and guide myself back onto the right path, it took awhile but I got there.

So I’ve spent 6 months writing on the blog, reviewing proteins, glasses, books and tonnes of wonderful products, I’ve really loved this year.. I love how I’ve changed as a person, things I’ve learnt and how the blog has changed to become more of a teaching blog, helping others find a love of health. The blog went from 800 views a month to 5,000 views a month, I’ve learnt a lot about networking and utilising media to broadcast myself and I’ve loved every second of it…but…

I’m back at college now, I’m back looking for paid work and I’m back volunteering and the time doesn’t come freely..
My new schedule!

As you can see, my schedule is chaotic and the time I get to write has to come last, I’m squeezing this in when I get free time (that isn’t used by college or workouts). I’ll be updating the blog once a week hopefully, and by January I’m hoping to get back to blogging twice a week!

So..The winner of the Organic food-box giveaway


I hope you can bare with me in the future and still feel as though you’re learning and achieving what you want from my articles.

Stay focused, I will be!

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