People deserve kindness

The people you pass in the street could have just suffered a loss, smile at them and make their day better, you never know ho much joy it will bring.

As you know I don’t post much for my personal life , my posts are mainly Tuesdays and Thursdays as  this gives me time to give you the best I can, However I was appalled at the attitude given to me from the staff at the jobcentre. Upon leaving I spoke to my sister, who was willing to go down and speak personally to the staff, I chose to write an email instead.

So… Here is the copy I sent to the jobcentre.


This email is in regards to the unacceptable attitude given towards me upon attending a ‘sick non-attendance’ interview.

The date I had missed was a non-signing day of the 10th ( Tuesday the 10th of December) in which i had been ill for the full week starting from  the 9th, i was struggling to breathe, with on-going migraines and muscle weakness due to the breathing difficulties. I explained this when i had improved on the 16th ( Monday the 16th of December) the phone call advised me to attend on Tuesday the 17th as normal, however my breathing worsened and i was sent to the ‘walk in clinic’ on a red light ( meaning it was severe) i was dealt with there, quickly and professionally. The care i received was advisory, they asked me to attend the doctors appointment to have bloods taken.

After this appointment on Tuesday at 9.30 i was advised to stay as stationary and calm as possible until my results came back ( Friday the 20th) i spoke to the Perry Barr job centre to say i was unable to attend and was again told to come in on Thursday,  i was advised to ring up early on Thursday morning. I rested until Thursday on nearly-full bed rest and rang up at 9.36 am to speak to someone about booking my appointment, the appointment was booked at 11.40 in Perry Barr. This journey takes me 30 minutes, so i left with 40 minutes to spare in case i needed to pace myself, however the bus was late and my walking was a lot slower then normal.

I apologised on the door for my lateness and was directed to the back rooms where i then waited with a man and a woman later, this lasted 13-16 minutes. I was called up to desk 23, where i was abruptly asked ‘ what time did you get here?’ – ‘ 11.50’ I was 10 mins late, i struggled a bit. ‘ To which your advisor felt it appropriate to lean cross and speak to the woman waiting ‘ so if you have to wait it’s this lady’s fault’ I was shocked and appalled at this and tried to laugh it off ‘ that’s very rude you know’ ‘ well you’ve made them late now’ – ‘that is so rude, I wasn’t supposed to be in today I’d been advised not to leave home’.  Your advised smiled and added ‘well i apologise , okay?’ as though he knew he had been in-appropriate however i don’t feel this was meant sincerely, the rest of the interview went a lot smoother apart from him adding ‘ Well you did have to come in today, you have had 10 days, and you’ve come in today so you’re able to attend’ ‘ I came in today because i was told my claim would be closed’ ‘Yes i spoke to you over the phone, a lot of advisors would just close it down, i gave you time to come in’.

The advisor was the man who took the phone call on Tuesday which means he knew everything about my condition and yet still made me come in knowing i was struggling to move, this man also knew my situation after calling my name to take a seat, surely then he would realise it is not the time or place to make inappropriate ‘jokes’.

He booked me an appointment for January which gives me time to get results and appropriate treatment. I completely understand that advisors hear stories all the time about illness and get frustrated when a young girl who looks healthy walks in say these things however, had i come in with a bereavement/ terminal illness i would still be as vulnerable and it is not acceptable that other people with these circumstances could or would be put through what i had to go through.

I had explained to that man who took the phone call on Tuesday and the interview on Thursday what was wrong with me in great detail, the benefit of the doubt should always be the case. When a person walks through that door they should be treated with respect no matter what or who they are.

From now i wish to be able to attend the jobcentre, a place that should understand people are depressed, have no money and do still get ill, without feeling like i am a nuisance. The care and well being of people attending should be encouraged by all staff, The positive attitude of staff towards people attending would give them more confidence and then maybe they will find work quicker.

Amy Hunt – Concerned attendee.
I forgot to write the words that are underlined however I feel they are needed to understand the full story.

I am hoping to receive a reply within 15 days, to show they have spoken to the staff involved (if not ALL of the staff) and to help make it a more caring environment. I have heard that they usually shuffle complaints around and hope that this isn’t the case, I want to know that even if it helps one attendee I have done the right thing. It took a lot for me to write the email after hearing it might damage my claim (by staff being annoyed at my complaint and signing me off angrily).

I NEED to know that people can go in and not be bullied by ignorant staff, I NEED to know that if they’re 10 minutes late they wont get responses that I have had in the past ( on more then one occasion). I have heard so many complaints and no one else had spoken up so its time for me to be the scapegoat, if it means change will happen then I am willing to take the bullet on this.


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