I’ve had a brilliant day today.Not to gloat or anything but I really did!

I don’t often leave the house without my partner, I just really feel unsafe without him. I know that’s ridiculous and the chances are nothing’s going to happen to me but you just get yourself in these places and can’t shake the feeling. (I’ll talk more about agoraphobia at another time..maybe)

So.. I was invited to a Birmingham bloggers event sponsored by FrictionFreeShaving feel free to like them on twitter (they’re really responsive and love a good chat). They hosted in BarOpus which is a trendy bar on the main business hub of Birmingham. Very chic and the prices are damn good!20160409_140721

Me and my big sis rocked up bang on 3, I was pretty impressed considering we’d gotten a
wrong bus and had no clue where “Onesnowhill” was. Honestly, you live in a city your whole life and there are still places popping up you’ve never even heard of!

We got into the bar and there were so many faces! All beautiful women from Brum..and I knew none of them. Gutted.

Either way a spritely blonde woman came over to chat, offered us drinks and signed us in for the event, She was so friendly and attended to us throughout the event. The room was gorgeous, really modern, comfy seats and sofa-like seating on the back row. All glass walls so you can see the main Birmingham highstreet.

I sat towards the back with my sister unbeknown to us we were sitting in the “public” area..and not in the blogger allocated spot, which we didn’t know.. I’d been smiling and attempting to chat to the women next to us.. OOPS.

Anyway, long story short. We trialled & tested 3 cocktails. All inspired by “Friction Free Shaving”

As a health blogger for my ‘main’ site, I felt like I should follow the footsteps of the other healthy girls and have non alcoholic, I was so glad I did! The first we had was a lemon spritzer style drink but being non alcoholic we had a different mixer.. “Pommegranate and basil” It was..GLORIOUS.

Next up was an alcoholic, Milk vanilla and Bourbon drink. The blonde woman (wish I knew20160409_160824 her name..) said it’s somewhat inspired by that sugary flavour at the end of a bowl of cereal and it really was but ‘adult’ themed. It was so tasty!! I’m not one for milk but this was gorgeous!(mildy lactose intolerant) See “Intolerant to my intolerances” for more details.

So the whole event was pretty spectacular really and they gave each blogger a goodie bag with a personalised razor..Name engraved and everything. I’m hoping to attend their next event so I can personally thank them for how generous they were.

Especially with my sister! Who receive her own goodie bag and was allowed to attend the masterclass free of charge, with drinks to boot! She’s not been herself the past few years , since having kids but it’s really built her confidence back up attending the master class, she’s even started her own blog!

After such a brilliant day we did a bit of shopping, I’m going to a wedding in a few weeks and want some comfortable clothing for the night, I want to look smart but I also want to be comfortable if I decide to dance. I was looking all afternoon for a long playsuit and some grey boots but couldn’t find any, either way I found some great sites for boots when I got back. I’m yet to buy any and the wedding’s been and gone but I’m still looking for some stylish summer boots for long walks around the shops, ones that I can be comfortable in!


All the best, As always..

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