Sometimes all people want to do is support you. For all the good that advice does, it also can do a lot of bad. Remember when parents would tell us we had to eat all our dinner? That’s pretty bad advice, leading to eating disorders and a disconnect with your idea of the full-feeling our bellies get towards the end of a meal. 

There’s so much bad advice out there but there’s also a fair bit of good advice!

I’ve gathered some minds together to collaborate on the best and worst health advice out there. From nutritionists to personal trainers, they’re here to offer their do’s and don’t on health and fitness.


The Good

Find an exercise you LOVE. Don’t just do something just because it seems like a popular choice! If you don’t enjoy it, you’re not likely to be motivated to do it. Find something you enjoy and it’ll be much easier to slot into your regular routine! 🙂

Find the best way to motivate yourself. Staying motivated can be a challenge but it’s key to staying fit. Find something that keeps you going back for more, be it training while listening to music, working out with a buddy, buying new gym gear.

LISTEN to your body. Exercise is important, but if your body hurts or is tired, listen to it. It’s ok to rest and take a day off.

Drink as much water as you can. Is the best advice I’ve ever had, it continues to be a solid piece of advice no matter what the lifestyle. Water is the source of life, hasn’t anyone ever told you? PurelyAmy.

Veggies will make you big and strong. All parents say this, as a child I thought it was a smart trick to get us to eat these vile things, but as an adult I can see that the positive message was there all along. We just need more good advice to out weight the bad advice.

Don’t punish yourself. My advice would be if you have a day where you fall off the waggon, don’t just write yourself off, tomorrow is a new day, try again then. Baby steps. Never tell yourself “I cant eat this”, you’ll crave it. Tell yourself “I don’t want to eat this”.

Understanding the negatives of weight loss. Yes, there are always negatives. Whether it be negative comments or negative feelings we all hit bumps in the road during the process, it’s about understanding that there will be bumps and knowing how to jump over them when they get to you.

Sometimes we slip up. Sometimes the road feels too long. We fall off and we have to pick ourselves up and start all over again. Everyone makes mistakes. Breathe. Move on and keep trying.” I run an active lifestyle and health and fitness blog so I have quite a few posts that would fit the subject, but this is my favourite on dieting and healthy eating myhealthycurves  – Coming back is far more exciting than the first time around, you know how to move forward!

Smoothies are a power house for the active! I make myself a smoothie everyday with fresh fruit, veg, nuts and seeds; so packed with nutrition. It leaves me feeling full for ages so I naturally eat less, plus it gives me plenty of energy to exercise and is healthy!  I also don’t have a car so walk loads naturally just as part of daily life, rather than it feeling like exercise. And plenty of fresh air and nature, I spend loads of time outdoors.

Health is more than healthy eating and exercise.

 Health is much more than that. What do you put on your body? You may not realise it but your skin may be absorbing toxins which you are not even aware of and these may be harmful in the long run. Are you stressed? Learn how to manage stress effectively as stress can affect your health in many different ways. Finally, deal with your emotional problems as these result in bad food choices.


The Bad & The Ugly

Weights make you bulky – We’ve covered this recently, weights do not make you bulky. They decrease fat quicker than cardio and they tone the body up so you don’t have any more jiggle.

Carb up – Carb down- Carb carb carb blah blah blah. So much attention has been put on carbohydrates recently that we have forgotten the most important message, ‘a balanced and healthy diet is best’. Depending on your workout regime and your overall tollerance to carbs you should be carfeul of them but any diet that bans them is not going to be helpful in the long run, carbs come in all forms from healthy vegetables to legumes and pulses.

Get it out of your head that all of your problems will be solved when you’re thinner. Take some time to see yourself as a whole person, exactly as you are now. You’re a fucking miracle. Own it.”

One long day of exercise is better than a bit of exercise every day – A small bit of exercise is a balanced way of creating a healthy balance, not only does it spread out your calorie burn it also helps you recover and repair better. Burning small amounts of calories throughout the week.

You need to eat ‘this much’ to lose weight. Weight doesn’t have a number, it may be a mathematical equation but it’s also human nature. It’s a chemical in your body to keep you alive, losing weight is about sustaining life and also risking it. You can never put an amount of food on your plate that will help you lose weight permanently, it’s about a mind-change and a body reset.

Follow your dreams. People always say this but I really think this is bad advice. Don’t get caught up in following your dreams when your dreams could be at the end of the road you’re already following.

Eat lots of fruit. Eh…yeah, fruit is great for you, lower in calories and full of vitamins but it also carries a lot of sugar. Not only is sugar bad for weight loss it’s also awful for a proper nights sleep. 

Be honest. Another bad piece of advice. People don’t really want you to be honest, people want you to seem honest when it matters but when it doesn’t, when you don’t really need to talk? Stay shtum.


That being said, there are tonnes of people giving advice they’re not really qualified to. Mums, Nans and family members each want to offer support and advice. Even me, I’m a generic health blogger and I suppose I shouldn’t dish out advice, which is why I try to stay as generic as possible. Each person is different which requires tailored advice for each person, specialising in sports nutrition gives me a good insight but I have been asked if I’m a ‘nutritionist’ and I could never say yes.

Noone really can give out advice for you, except for you. 

There is no such this as a ‘specialist’ in any field of work. Things are ever-changing and advice will always change with time so take everything you hear with the best intention and do what feels right for you at that time. I hope this post has been helpful, I would have put more information into it but we’re a bit tight for time as the festive season is fast approaching and there’s a tonne of work to be done. Sending love,




Amy-May Hunt

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  1. Definitely some great tips here! I keep forgetting that it’s important to do the exercise you love otherwise you just don’t feel motivated to do it. Thanks for including my quote, really appreciate it! Would you mind linking directly to my blog instead of Facebook?

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  2. Eek, not sure what happened to my comment. I love reading this kind of post. You’re right, there’s so much conflicting advice out there it can be confusing!

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