I love Ice cream, It’s my thing!

I love healthy low sugar alternative to any kinds of foods really but the one thing I crave is a cake or ice cream so I try my best to make low sugar and gluten-free recipes (and I have tonnes of them, I will be sharing every Wednesday from now on!)

So, my latest flavour has a bit more pizzazz than normal. Instead of a plain ice cream flavour this one is topped with hazelnuts and has a lime zing throughout!

With my diet being Paleo this, of course, had to be Paleo friendly!

I don’t want to go on about it all the time but that’s what I’m here for, to nudge you into making the right decisions for you..but Paleo really takes the hard work out of exercise as I only really need to do strength workout, since my diet is so low fat, from paleo.
I love exercising don’t get me wrong, but it’s nice to not have to, it frees up so much of my time. If you don’t know much about Paleo, read this from me or have a look at my paleo board and just try out some new recipes for it…

Chocolate & Hazelnut Zing Ice Cream

*2 Medium Bananas
1/2 can of coconut milk (thick)
2 tbsp of Honey (Agave will do)
3 tbsp Cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1 tbsp of Sweet cocoa powder
1/2 cup of warm water

2tbsp of Hazelnuts
1/2 1tsp of lime juice
Serves 6 / 15m Prep / 65 calories per slice


Step 1 If you’re using bananas, mash/blend them into a paste before incorperating them, this way it blends in easier. With your coconut milk, coconut milk separates into the milk-cream and the milk-water, the cream is what we want for this, it gives the recipe the creamy texture and stops it from crystallising when frozen. If you pop it into the fridge for an hour or two before use the milk solids should rise to the top open the can carefully and scoop the solids out of the can.

*To remove the water from the bottom of the can I normally turn the can upside down really slowly and open the can, removing the water or you can pop a hole through the milk-cream and drain the water off that way. There are tonnes of other recipes that call for milk-water.

Step 2 Pop your cream into a bowl with your bananas, powder, water, honey and lime juice and zest.

Step 3 Meanwhile you can lightly toast your hazelnuts to enhance the flavours, put on a medium low heat and heat gently for 30seconds up to 1 minute. They’ll change colour but only very slightly so be careful! You really don’t want to over heat them or they’ll become bitter.

Step 4 So for the 30 seconds you’ve made yourself you can now mix your ingredients into your bowl, you can do this by hand easily or use a blender (the blender I used: Braun Hand Blender ). Make sure it’s as smooth as you can be but don’t worry about cream fragments not blending, sometimes they’re pesky!

Step 4 Empty your hazelnuts into your rectangular ice cream container, this will be the top of your ice cream slice! gently pour over your ice cream and top with your lime zest.

Step 5: Freeze for atleast 3 hours for easy slicing! Remove 15 minutes before serving if frozen over night.

As you can see, it comes out in perfect slices!

Anyway, so this little gem does have fat in, it’s made with Coconut Milk which carries some fat but in measures of eggs, cream and sugar you’re looking at an around 60% fewer calories in my Paleo ice creams and they’re pretty damn good as a replacement for any dessert!


I didn’t grate or zest my lime so I ended up with big chunks of lime on the base of my dessert, not so pleasant when the rest is so subltey flavoured. My second batch turned out wonderfully though, I even put some zest throughout the mix. It just adds that bit of sharpness to such a smooth and creamy treat.

I probably make a new batch of rich chocolate I probably make a new batch of rich chocolate ice cream bi-weekly and by no means get bored of it, but I can’t keep eating bowls of the same flavour, why not mix things up and make different flavours. You know, two scoops of chocolate and 1 of hazelnut, nom nom.

I left my tub out for for 10 minutes before slicing then popped it into the microwave for 20 seconds so it was super soft. I know, that’s strange but it holds so well it turns into a soft scoop.

Feel free to leave flavour suggestions, I’ll try a new flavour each week and publish any that knock mine out of the water! Maybe even a flavour of the month? What do you think?

Remember if you want to try some of my other flavours pop to the
Alternative Ice cream store and have a browse! You don’t need a Professional Ice Cream/ frozen yoghurt Maker. You don’t even need to stir this! The coconut milk has some fat in (quite a bit considering it’s a fruit/nut) so it really is smooth like cream.

As always, be good & be healthy,



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