I really hope you’ve enjoyed spending this Christmas/blogmas/InstaMas with me, I’ve had a tonne of new commenters and more interaction and I’m really happy you’ve stayed with me.Thank you! For sticking with me this month..It’s been chaotic.

I’m going to spend the next few days relaxing (I bloody deserve it!) I’m exhausted. I’ve been shopping every day and all night for weeks now rushing to get my mother-in-law her present, I didn’t know we were gift swapping, So far I have a bath-set (which she actually did want) but I found a gorgeous gilet for her in the wrong bloody size!!
Why Is Chritsmas shopping so stressful?? Ugh, just my luck! I’m so upset about it. I’m desperate to get her something nice! Everyone else is sorted.
So, I’ve given up, It’s not what I wanted for her but I know she’ll appreciate anything I give so I’ve done all my prep it’s just the day to get on with now..and for that I’m spending Christmas with my partner and his family. stuffing my face with veggies (nothing too naughty). Then I have ‘boxing day’ with my non-religious family, the whole lot of us.. around 15 in total! Including 5 under 6’s.
Then I can spend the next four days getting ready for my aunts 50’s inspired new years party! I’ve got a new frock and everything!
Presents wrapped, Tom’s hair Dyed. Now to spend some time with my beautiful new nephew..and the rest of the rowdy bunch I guess…Busy busy.That’s it, that’s all 12 of my holiday hacks..now I really need to crack on with some coursework and post-Christmas blog posts!
All of those mince pies have to be burned off somehow, so stick with me I’ll sort you out.

 Holiday Vacation:  

Just wanted to let you know, I’ll be off for the holidays e.g not posting on social media daily and I’ll be re-emerging for:
Saturday the 27th of December with all my Christmas snaps and confession
Then I’ll be back to normal weekly- posts on Saturdays:
Saturday 2nd of January will have my new year new goals in it.
Have a good one (Don’t eat too many mince pies!)
 Merry Christmas!


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  1. I love the way you’ve done this. I think there is something really nice about a stream of consciousness post like this. Hope next week is just as random, also can’t help but think of a Disney Princess’ cottage filled with animals and bugs helping with the chores now so thanks for that lol!

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