Cucumber cups!

I really want people to know how good this is, if you like
tuna its for you, if you like healthy food its for you, if you want a low carb
lunch its for you, if you like sushi it is for you. It ticks all of my boxes!!
1 cucumber serves 2 as a light lunch or 4 as snacks.

Cut the cucumber up into small 1” app, disks. Scoop the
disks leaving a small amount of cucumber at the bottom, to keep all the
goodness in a pocket of cucumber.

NOW, the good part. Take 1 can of tuna (in brine or water )as it is healthier
then the oily version.
Salt pepper.

Sweet corn, for colour flavour and texture.
Red peppers, for colour.
I’ve also added ½ a tsp of salad cream, you can use yoghurt,
mayonnaise. Something to bind it all together.

Horseradish! It was lovely before I added it, but ever since I did, I’m

It works out to around  47,145, 30,16,24   273 calories, if your able to get 9 slices
that’s only 30 cals a slice!
If it only 8 slices its 34 cals.
I eat 3 slices and a piece of fruit, with a hand full of
mixed nuts and fruit juice for lunch, or just 2 slices for a snack.
You will love them, let me know your favourite fillings for
these cucumber cups!

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