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<p>I feel<i> almost</i> guilty for not having shared these prior, I really thought I had, turns out I made a very badly produced youtube video for them.. sorry,again. However It’s Christmas and I love a good chocolatey snack (this month I’ve overloaded you on chocolate) but they’re all better than the alternatives so you’re lucky there!<br />
So, I actually made these in July but for some reason, I think it was so I could build my social standing on Youtube, it didn’t plan out to well. Anyway, so I never used youtube after this, I’m not a good actor, I don’t have a beautiful kitchen and I’m too shy to talk so I’m back to my comfort zone.<br />
Writing for the blog!</p>
<p>These dark chocolate and cranberry crunch cakes, they can be made as healthy or as naughty as you like, substituting the ingredients as I’ve given them to you. This is such a basic non-bake that you really can do these with children and still feel comfortable and confident that they’re getting some healthy fruits and nuts but with a sweet treat.</p>
<p>That being said, this is a treat, it’s not something you should have everyday, you could.. but you could damage your hard work if you started eating them regularly, they’re very more-ish!</p>
<p>Dark Chocolate and Cranberry CRUNCH Cakes<br />
<a style=1 Cup of Dried mixed fruit: Sultanas, Raisins, apricots
1 Cup of Dried Cranberries
1/2 cup of walnut pieces
1/2 Cup of almonds
1/2 cup of dark chocolate*
1/2 cup of some bran or oat*

Optionals for vegans/ Paleo Purists.
*Replace the dark chocolate with 3tbsp of Cocoa & 1/2 tsp of honey or agave & 1/2tsp of coconut oil (it hardens like the chocolate would)
*Natures Path Mesa Sunrise flakes instead of bran or oats.

Makes 16 / 15m Prep / 56 calories per cake


Okay, so it’s not the most complex recipe but It’s better to go over everything..Firstly you can select the nut you’d like, I chose almonds as they’re low in fats (good fats) and they break down well in the digestive system and they’re tasty, you could choose hazlenuts too as they’re similar in fats.

Secondly choose your dried fruits, since dark chocolate goes so well with cranberry I thought they’d be best so I really do suggest having them in with any other dried fruits you choose, apricot being another great selection. I think apricots go well with these too as they’re slightly chewy so you get a lovely fudgy crunchy texture with these!Measure out all of your ingredients.
Pop your chocolate in a double boiler and while that’s gently melting away, place your nuts in a separate bowl and lightly crunch them with the back of a wooden spoon or rolling pin.
You can do the same with your ‘crunchy’ flake too.
Once your chocolate is melting add everything to your bowl, mix well ensuring that all your goodies stay in one big cluster, pop them one tablespoon at a time into paper case.
Leave to set for an hour in the freezer or two in the fridge.

I like mine firm, so I freeze them!

If you’ve not tried any of my recipes then this is the one to try.


Pop a comment, let me know what you think..