Ow ow ow! Stone bruises are not fun!

Try as you may to reduce your chance of injury sometimes it just ‘happens’, last week it happened to me. I had bought some new trainers for my runs as my old pink ones (may the rest in peace) were battered and the insoles had completely fallen out. Including their memory foam!

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New trainers were in definite needed! I bought some and by the time my mid-week run had come round I had realised they were far too small, knowing I couldn’t wear them but didn’t want to lose the chance of a run ( I only get time to myself when I run). I went out with my old battered shoes and no insoles. OUCH – The next day my foot was in agony every time I put it on the floor. It felt as though someone had snook an invisible stone under my foot ever time I took a step!

So, what is this weird bruising pain?

Metatarsalgia !

It is swelling that causes a bruise-like pain. It affects the metatarsals, the bones connecting the ankle bones to the toes. So you can also have ankle pain with it too – which I got. Lucky me! Metatarsalgia is usually the result of increased pressure on the ball of the foot. It can have a number of different causes, including wearing unsupportive footwear, conditions such as arthritis, and doing high-impact sports.

So 2/3 isn’t bad, I was doing everything wrong and suffered the consequences.

How do you fix it?

Most websites will tell you to rest up, quit your workouts and move on with your life – not me. I’m not a quitter, although sometimes I should, this week I needed to workout. I had a bad foot but a bad attitude to quitting so I went for it. I worked out.

Working out with a bad foot

Now, this is the good stuff, this is what you wanted, right? It’s not going to be easy and it certainly isn’t going to be attractive as a good run but sometimes just getting your heart rate up makes you feel like you’re on your way to recovery. I always feel much better after a workout.weights for a waist

Workout with weights – We know that weights help us burn fat and tone up super quick, so give up your cardio until your foot is completely healed and learn to love your weights.

Try a boxing routine – There are plenty of workouts online that you can adapt to not use your foot, I put a memory foam slip in my poorly foot so if I misstepped I’d have added protection on that foot.

Swimming – It’s effortless and a great cardio workout for anyone who struggles with bodyweight workouts!

If all else fails try yoga – I’m not a big fan of yoga, It’s a great workout. It uses your whole body, engaging every muscle and increasing your balance and breathing abilities. If It’s all you’ve got then use it.

Real talk- Treating and preventing metatarsalgia (NHS advice)

  • rest your feet – put your feet up regularly and avoid activities that make the pain worse.
  • use an ice pack – apply an ice pack to the affected area for about 20 minutes several times a day (a bag of frozen peas will also work); make sure you wrap it in a towel so it doesn’t damage your skin
  • use Shock absorbing Insoles
    or insoles – these can fit inside your shoes to help cushion your feet; they’re available from pharmacies and sports shops, or can be bought online
  • maintain a healthy weight – adopting a healthy, balanced diet and doing regular low-impact exercises can help you lose weight if you’re overweight
  • take paracetamol or ibuprofen to help relieve pain and swelling if necessary

Cheer up, you’ll be back on two feet in no time! I’m two weeks in and have reduced the swelling so I can walk normally again –  yay me! I have to say the best thing for me was sports Insoles they were £8 for memory foam grip insoles and I can move them into my normal day-wear shoes too!

All the best,


*affiliate links inlaid, for the insoles. I really do recommend these if you need extra support. I’ve used many brands before but these are a great alternative to big name brands and do a better job! All view are my own, as always!




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